SimCity 5

SimCity getting Amusement Park DLC, according to an early store listing

Phil Savage at

SimCity's first expansion will be an Amusement Park Pack, according to an early listing posted by digital store front Green Man Gaming. Screenshots show bright, cheerful, sparkly attractions, which might look a little out of place if you're currently mayoring it over a pollutant-filled hell town of poverty and industrial waste. Still, nothing like a giant Ferris wheel to distract citizens from a landscape of desolation. Dammit, wait! It'll do the exact opposite.

First SimCity 5 screens and details surface

Tom Senior at

It turns out that SimCity 5 may exist! Scanned images of a feature in German magazine, Gamestar, seem to show lots of concept art and a few early details of a sequel.

According to the feature, picked over by NeoGaf, the next SimCity will be set 20 years after previous entries and feature organic cities that won't have to stick to America's regimented block system. There's also mention of global leaderboards to celebrate the most efficient player metropolis and a new graphics engine to power everything. It's also supposedly due out next year.

It's all unconfirmed at the moment, but the timing is good. Maxis are due to announce a new game at GDC next week. Hopefully it'll turn out to be the SimCity that fans have been waiting for.