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SimCity is "built to be moddable," say Maxis

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EA Maxis have been talking more about next year's SimCity reboot, and the new GlassBox engine that's powering it. Just earlier we went inside the GlassBox engine to talk a bit about how the new tech will work differently to SimCity games of old, but there's even more good news. Shacknews sat in on a GDC panel in which Maxis confirmed that the new engine has been designed with modders in mind.

SimCity devs to announce new game at GDC

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A tweet from EA senior PR Erik Reynolds, noted by CVG, has teased a big Maxis reveal at this year's GDC conference, which is due to kick off in just a few weeks time. He mentions that more information will be appearing over the next few weeks on the Game Changers Facebook page but there's already rampant speculation suggesting that it'll be a new SimCity. We'll get to find out in 13 days, 20 hours and counting according to the reassuringly massive clock on the Game Changers page, where EA's GDC event will be broadcasted live to the world in just under two weeks time. Anyone up for some more SimCity?

Cities XL 2011 review

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I’m losing more than $10,000 a minute. My citizens hate me because I’ve had to sell all the Ferris wheels. They leave in droves and I spiral further and further into debt. In city-building sim Cities XL 2011, it’s easy to lose, but you can never really win. You have to work hard to turn a profit and keep everyone happy.