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Broforce trailer contains a Matrix parody, and other action movie throwbacks

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I'm not sure what it is about this year and references to The Matrix in games. Saints Row IV was all over its virtual battery farm reality, and now the new Broforce trailer mirrors that scene, as 'Bropheus' offers the choice between a red and blue bandana. Way to stay current on your cultural parodies, video games. In fairness, late '90s action is surprisingly modern for Broforce's 2D side-scrolling tribute to '80s action stars. Here, the cast of the "Brotrix" are joining the Brominator, Rambro, Indiana Brones, and Robrocop, among others. It should go without saying that those with an allergy to bro puns should turn back now.

Shoot Many Robots review

Marsh Davies at

As you’d guess from the name, this sidescrolling platformshooter has few pretensions. It’s a game about filling the screen with mechanical nasties and unleashing you upon them – body slamming, punching, shooting and detonating anything you encounter.

Shoot Many Robots trailer blasts a few mechs

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[bcvideo id="1123532826001"]
Shoot Many Robots is not a game about petting puppies. Nor is it a game about serving tea to Japanese diplomats. It is in fact a game in which you launch explosive projectiles at mechanised war-objects to eviscerate or otherwise destroy them. There will be more than one of these mechanoids. There will be many.

Demiurge Studios' first original project is a sideways blaster with support for four player co-op. You'll have to fend off an army of chainsaw-wielding chopper bots, shooty tank bots and gargantuan bots whose only purpose is TO CRUSH. Crush them right back, with fire. Find out more on the Shoot Many Robots site. It's due out next year.