Shattered Horizon


Shattered Horizon gets Last Stand singleplayer mode

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Shattered Horizon is a first person multiplayer shooter set in space. Each player is locked into a space suit, and participate in zero-G combat across sprawling interstellar maps like space stations and shattered asteroids high above the Earth's surface.

Until now, Shattered Horizon has been a multiplayer only game. The challenge of mastering the suit's propulsion systems and the innovative weapons like the vision-obscuring ice grenade means a steep learning curve for newcomers. The latest update adds bots to Shattered Horizon, giving new players a way to get plenty of practice before hitting live servers. The patch also adds a Last Stand mode, in which four players must co-operate to fend off waves of attackers. The update coincides with a sale this weekend, in which Shattered Horizon will be half price on Steam. Head over to the official Shattered Horizon site for more info.

Shattered Horizon and Lead and Gold are free to play this weekend

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As part of Steam's Frontiers Free Weekend the Zero-G space shooter Shattered Horizon and Wild West shooter Lead and Gold are going to be free to play. Read on for details, and a few reasons why you might want to give these underplayed gems a shot.