GDC 2013: BioWare's David Gaider asks, "How about we just decide how not to repel women?"

Tyler Wilde at

Dragon Age Senior Writer David Gaider gave a talk at GDC yesterday titled "Sex in Video Games." It wasn't about "boobies and penises," as Gaider jokingly put it, but about how sex and gender are portrayed in games, and why the industry should take responsibility for the messages it sends. His conclusion is that the industry, at the very least, needs to stop actively repelling women and minorities, and is responsible for setting a tone which condones sexism.

Crap Shoot: Les Manley: Lost in LA

Richard Cobbett at

Richard Cobbett discovers that some games are so bad, even changing absolutely everything for the sequel can't help. Yes, it's Les Manley 2. And it's even worse than the first one... Note: if you're in an office or public place with a zero-tolerance approach to pixellated semi-naked ladies, you're probably best emailing a link to yourself and reading this at home. In private.

As we saw last time, Les Manley in Search for THE KING was a truly terrible adventure that didn't understand the importance of story, personality, comedy, or puzzles that could be solved without psychic powers or a hint book. Nevertheless, it did well enough to get a sequel barely a year later... or at least, developer Accolade had high enough hopes for it doing well to green-light one. Of course, this left it with something of a serious problem. Normally, a sequel is the game that takes the good bits of the original and makes the most of them. Since Search for THE KING had no good bits, Lost in LA was in trouble. Its solution? Grab a camera, hire some bikini girls, and hope like hell that sexism would sell.

What could possibly go wrong?