Serious Sam: BFE

PC Gamer US Podcast #297: Friendly Fire

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The new Counter-Strike beta is a GO, and Evan has been on the frontlines to bring us his thoughts on the rebooted counter-terrorist warfare. Josh fills us in on the biggest updates to hit WoW, EVE, and DCUO this week, while Greg and Chris barely make it out of their encounter with Serious Sam: BFE with their miniguns intact (and live to tell about it). And, try as we might, we just can't help ourselves but talk about Skyrim. Then again, who could blame us?

PC Gamer US Podcast 297: Friendly Fire

New Serious Sam trailer shows meaty melee brutality

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Are you at all squeamish? Does the sight of enough blood to drown the lost city of Atlantis make you go sheet-white? Which way does the prospect of a man ripping out a cyclops' eyeball and then throwing it back into its own face rub you? Depending on your answers to those questions, the new Serious Sam: BFE trailer might be just what the doctor ordered... you to stay far, far away from.

For everyone else, though, the menagerie of melee monster mashing is pretty incredible. It's almost poetic, really. I mean, what can I say? Sam really has a way with, er, murder.

First Serious Sam 3 screenshot

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Croteam have put up the first Serious Sam 3 screenshot on their Facebook page, showing a hulking monster behind some bars in a bullet-ridden urban area.

They're calling the game Serious Sam: BFE, but aren't saying what the initials stand for yet. The prevailing fan spectulation is that since the first game was The First Encounter, it could be a prequel: Before First Encounter. But setting the game before Sam's first encounter with his enemies would rather limit the scope for any, you know, encounters.

The Arabic writing on the street sign suggests that the sequel may be set on Earth rather than an alien world. Battle for Earth?