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10 Cancelled PC Games We Still Want To Play

Richard Cobbett at

Every year, thousands of games are pitched, hundreds are released, and just as many... simply vanish. In most cases, we never even hear about them. Sometimes, the code can be on the verge of hitting the shelves, only for the company to fold or the publisher decide to cut their losses. We've been on a nostalgic trip through our back issues to remind ourselves of the ones we were most disappointed not to get the chance to play, both because we thought they were going to be great, and because we just really, really wanted to see what the hell some of our favourite developers were working on.

Here's our list. Share your biggest non-release regrets in the Comments...

Cannon Fodder 3 announced. First screenshots released

PC Gamer at

A sequel to Sensible Software's classic series of Cannon Fodder games has been unveiled by Russian development team GFI. Codemasters, owners of the IP, have told Eurogamer that "Plans to release outside of Russia and the CIS have yet to be announced." Find the first screenshots and more info after the jump.