Secret Ponchos

Secret Ponchos review (Early Access)

Emanuel Maiberg at

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If you’ve played Geometry Wars or Renegade Ops you know how to play Secret Ponchos: move with the left stick, aim with the right stick, and shoot. It’s a twin-stick shooter, but not just another twin-stick shooter: Secret Ponchos wisely tweaks and embellishes genre conventions to create something that feels more like a new type of fighting game. It's different and fun, but only if you play it with a good group.

Spaghetti Western brawler Secret Ponchos coming to PC

Ian Birnbaum at

Secret Ponchos is a spaghetti western fighting game set in some amazing alternate universe where Once Upon a Time in Mexico was a graphic novel by Frank Miller. It’s fast-paced and looks like a lot of fun, but up until recently it was presumed to be exclusive to the PS4. Not so, according to developer Switchblade Monkeys yesterday: Secret Ponchos is headed to Steam.