Official list of unit changes in Starcraft II's Heart of the Swarm expansion

Josh Augustine at

New units, changed units, retired units: a ton of changes are coming for StarCraft II with the next expansion. Just revealed today at the opening ceremony for Blizzcon in Anaheim, CA, we have the full official list of changes. Read on to see what's happening to your favorite race!

A very merry StarCraft 2 weekend: get ready for the NASL Finals

Spencer Wightman, TeamLiquid at

Today at 11 AM PST (that's 7 PM in the UK, for those of you counting on your fingers), the finals of the North American Star League commence. To help you enjoy what should be a world-class tournament, we've prepared a guide on everything you need to know and a collection of all relevant links.

On paper, the highlight of the day may be a match between MC and BoxeR—an historic meeting of the young, current SC2 master and the former Brood War champion. Start popping that corn (or preparing creative methods to watch at work), and read on for more details.