Saxxy Awards

Valve announce 4th annual Saxxy awards, opens floor to Portal submissions

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The Saxxy Awards, Valve's annual Source Filmmaker competition, is now in its fourth year, and to shake things up a bit they're encouraging players/directors to make films about something other than Team Fortress 2 - namely Portal. All of Portal 2's assets (minus, er, the portals and a few other things) can now be downloaded into SFM as free DLC, enabling that Spy vs Wheatley crossover animation that (probably) hasn't been able to exist until now. That isn't the only content pack headed to the program either: Puny Human are offering up select assets from Blade Symphony too.

The Saxxy Awards 2013 winners announced, provide many minutes of animated merriment

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Last night, Valve revealed the winners of their Source Filmmaker competition, The Saxxy Awards. After a public nomination process, five videos have been crowned, with top entries chosen in the categories of Best Comedy, Drama, Action and Short, as well as an Overall Winner. Head inside to see the chosen few. Just don't roll out a red carpet. It would only annoy the BLU team.

Valve's third Saxxy Awards now open for submissions, so here's a cute film about a Pyro plushie

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Saxxy. It's a good word to say. Try it out for size. Repeat it, over and over, until your mouth goes numb and your friends and co-workers have long since abandoned you. As well as being an enjoyable utterance, it's also the title of Valve's now annual film-making awards. This year, the competition is exclusively based around the Source Filmmaker tool. Luckily, the versatile animation suite has been out long enough that we're in for some exceptional shorts. For instance, this excellent film about a helpful mini-Pyro.

The Third Annual Saxxy Awards are coming in November

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The Saxxy Awards, the annual competition for short films produced inside Source Film Maker, are back for a third year. Now that the SFM community has had full access to Valve’s animation software for over a year, expect the number and quality of entries to increase dramatically.

Valve launch new Saxxy video awards competition

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The Saxxy Awards are back, giving budding film makers the opportunity to craft a masterpiece and win a Saxxy Award in Team Fortress 2. The winniest winner of the shortlist of category winners will be flown out to Valve for a sit down session with Valve's Source Filmmakers, which is a great prize because I don't know if you've ever tried it but flying is BRILLIANT. The Valve filmmaker folk are probably quite nice as well. Once there you'll have the chance to get your work "aired on GTTV's VGA preshow this December."

Team Fortress 2 top secret project to be revealed this year, Meet the Pyro on the way

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A new post on the Team Fortress 2 blog sketches out Valve's 2012 plans for the shooter, which include mention of not one, but two secret projects. We can so far confirm that the first will not be a hat, or a map, or as the blog post suggests, a freakish map-hat hybrid. The second will have something to do with this year's Saxxy Awards, which rates the community's best video replays.

Now open: final voting for Team Fortress 2's Saxxy video awards

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After an initial round of submissions and community vetting, Valve has trotted out the nominees for TF2's first (annual?) Saxxy awards. Through Monday, June 6, you can help select the winners here. You're granted one vote per category across the competition's 18 awards. Me? I'm fond of this impressive tele-taunt kill.