How I got my GTX 750 Ti running silently with an old cooler and some simple surgery

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I've spent a lot of time recently playing around with some old hardware to see if any old parts still have use. Thanks to a mixture of Nvidia’s latest Maxwell GPU, in GTX 750 Ti reference form, and an expired Sapphire HD 6670 Ultimate I found something very good indeed: an efficient, relatively powerful, silent gaming graphics card.

Sapphire HD 7790 review

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I deliberately held back the review for this latest card from AMD so I could put it out alongside a review of the competing card from Nvidia, the GTX 650 Ti Boost. If I hadn’t then this review would have simply been a lot of me crying over the loss of the HD 7850 1GB, which will no longer be manufactured to make way for the HD 7790.

Sapphire's Vapor-X takes its graphics card cooling tech to the CPU

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As the biggest partner for AMD graphics cards Sapphire are no strangers to having to chill out hot bits of silicon, but now they are turning their vapour chamber tech to new use with the release of the Vapor-X CPU cooler.

“We are harnessing our expertise in advanced technologies to deliver better performing products for the enthusiast which will then push down into an expanding product line for the mainstream,” said Adrian Thompson, Sapphire’s VP of marketing.

We’ve had the cooler in our labs for a little while now and the cooling on offer is impressive, as is the blinged-up pair of blue LED fans and detailing. It certainly copes with its enthusiast branding, being able to keep an overclocked Core i7-3770K running at 4.5GHz without having to throttle it back.

Sapphire's Edge VS series of mini-PCs: a 'revolution for gamers'?

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Sapphire has just announced a new family of ickle PCs based on AMD’s latest Trinity APU. They’re also claiming that the new Edge VS series will represent a ‘revolution even for gamers’ thanks to its combination of high performance and portable, lounge-friendly form-factor.

We’re used to seeing Sapphire’s Edge PCs with APU tech inside, but traditionally they’d been running the weaker E-series chips. This VS series is promising the full A-series chips. Wassat? Well, the A-series chips house proper desktop CPU components as well as a decent, last-gen, Radeon graphics core at its heart.