Sam Fisher

Splinter Cell Blacklist trailer features problematic interpretation of the word 'freedom'

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Sam Fisher is a new man, with a new voice actor, a new set of goggles, a new skintight stealth suit, a new plane, and a new remit to prevent international terror crime by doing international freedom crime all over the world.

The latest trailer for Splinter Cell: Blacklist shows off a bit of traditional snake-camera-through-a-door action and a spot of improbable Sam Fisher action gymnastics, mixed in with a helping of the now series-staple torture sequence. Remember: those million-dollar goggles aren't just for looking through! They're also for headbutting.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist release date spilled by retailer

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Crack spec ops maestro Sam Fisher is more shadow than man, but that hasn't stopped Amazon from pinpointing a date for his next outing. VG247 note that the Amazon UK site is carrying a March 29 2013 release date for Splinter Cell: Blacklist. The Amazon posting arrives with details of the pre-order offerings, which include an "Upper Echelon suit," new goggles that "shine gold" and an extra mission.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist game director talks stealth, goggles, "abusive" insta-fail missions

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Splinter Cell: Blacklist game director, Patrick Redding, has had an interesting chat with Sneaky Bastards about the challenges of realising believable stealth systems in a game that sets out to be as much about action as staying hidden. Redding has gone back to early Splinter Cells to learn a few key lessons.

"The super fragile, brittle, insta-fail model where one tiny degree off and you’ve got to go back to the checkpoint – that’s punishing, that’s abusive, it’s not an accessible mode of stealth. Even for the people that love stealth games," he says.

The answer, according to the Blacklist team, is an analogue AI system capable of expressing more complex reactions than the once-typical binary AI states of "I'm bored" and "kill Fisher!"

James Bond: Blood Stone trailer shows manly punching

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Remember the days when Bond would solve his problems with a raised eyebrow, a quip and a couple of rounds from his silenced PP7? Forget about that guy. The old, Martini-sipping cad is dead, and has been completely replaced by Daniel "I am a tank but also a man" Craig's more impersonal brand of man-punching. The latest trailer for 007 Blood Stone only serves as another nail in the coffin for the roguish old Bond.