Salem dropped by Paradox, sandbox MMO to continue independently

Phil Savage at

Free to play MMO Salem is to part from publisher Paradox Interactive, with the sole responsibility transferring to developer Seatribe next month. The game, which has been in beta for the last year, casts players in a Colonial-era sandbox, and tasks them with surviving the wilderness, light magic and roving armies of naked players. Paradox will drop all support for the game on July 8th.

Paradox announce free-to-play MMO Salem. When your character dies he's gone forever

Matt Purslow at

Salem, a new free-to-play title, has been announced by Paradox Interactive.

The MMORPG is set in a mythical version of New England, and see players stepping off a boat in Boston and then having to fend for themselves in the 'New World'.

The game puts emphasis on a player-driven world that promotes crafting skills. Even more interesting, when your character dies he's gone forever, leaving all your creations to be pillaged by other players. Harsh. Video explaining it all after the jump.