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Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell hands-on: fighting Satan in a weaponized La-Z-Boy

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It’s hard to imagine what developer meetings must be like now for Saints Row. They have to just be constantly asking themselves “Well, where do we go from here?” From a series that started off as a paint-by-numbers copy of Grand Theft Auto, it has since made us President, given us super powers, even blown up the Earth. How far we’ve gone from the streets of Stilwater.

And now, we’re in Hell. Because where else could we go? The Saints' boss has been kidnapped by Satan, to be wed to the daughter of the Big Man in Red. So it’s up to everyone’s favorite antihero Johnny Gat to kill every denizen of hell and get him out.

Deep Silver teases new Saints Row reveal

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For the last week, the cowled monks of Rumour Abbey have been chanting lowly about a possible Volition announcement at this weekend's PAX. But what could they be announcing? Well, given that the studio's owner, Deep Silver, didn't acquire the Red Faction series after THQ's demise, it's almost inevitable that the answer will be a new Saints Row. A recent tweet lends further support to this theory.

Saints Row studio Volition will reveal a new game at PAX Prime

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Looks like Saints Row studio Volition will announce a new game at PAX Prime. According to an event description on the PAX site, new gameplay, art and details “for an upcoming project from Volition” will be shown during a panel on Friday.

Saints Row 4 mod adds first-person view

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Volition’s still hard at work on a set of Saints Row IV mod tools for all you tinkerers out there, but the delay hasn’t stopped a few prolific modders from allowing you to "serve and protect" the fine citizens of Steelport through the eyes of your character.

Saints Row 4 gets another chance at Australian classification

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If you haven’t been too busy running for president or gaining super powers, you may recall that Saints Row IV became the inaugural title to be refused Australia’s R18+ rating. The Australian Classification Review board didn’t much care for the anal probe weapons or illegal drug use, and effectively banned the game from being sold in the country. Not all is lost, however, as the board says it's going to take another look at the game on July 29.

Johnny Gat exposes himself to Saints Row 4

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I won’t write up an entire biography of the fictional demigod of a man known as Johnny Gat, as it would end up looking like the scrawling of a mental patient. Normally, I’d be surprised to see someone come back from the dead, but I suppose even death can't stop a man who robs banks while wearing a mask of his own face.

Modding Saints Row is about to get a whole lot easier

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The Saints Row games do not officially support modding - although that's hardly stopped fans from cracking them open and making them the hard way. Well, things are about to get a whole lot easier thanks to developer Volition, who are giving their support to the modding community by proving a package containing "documentation, file formats, tools, and more", which will go towards creating "what is essentially a full sdk" for Saints Row: The Third. Even more exciting is the suggestion that this is a "test run" for a similar set of tools for the upcoming Saints Row IV.

Saints Row 4 also gets an E3 trailer, featuring nudity, swearing and mech suits

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It's the Day of E3 Trailers, apparently, even though E3 is next week, and there's no law I'm aware of that prohibits games companies from releasing their videos on different days. Nevermind - it means we're afforded another look at the latest in the exponentially ridiculous Saints Row series. The following video features swearing, nudity, stupid hats, mech suits, and actor Keith David starring as 'Keith David'.

Saints Row 4 trailer throws a guy into a jet

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The frequently ridiculous but always entertaining Saints Row series is continuing with Saints Row IV, due to arrive August 23. We’ve already gotten the details on the new “Commander in Chief” preorder pack, and we’ve already gotten a glimpse of the kinds of insanity players will experience when they jump back in with the Saints. We’ve already talked about the dubstep gun.

Volition unconcerned about releasing Saints Row 4 near Grand Theft Auto 5

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Saints Row 4 debuted last week with all the subtlety one might expect from a game with dubstep guns and rocket-launching guitars, and it's eyeballing an August 20 release. That sets up a scant month-long gap between it and Grand Theft Auto 5's planned September launch, and Rockstar's titan has both years of success and a heavy fanbase to bring to bear. Speaking to Eurogamer, Volition Producer Jim Boone says the team isn't worried in the slightest and feels Saints Row is unique enough to stack up to its giant competitor.

THQ remembered: the ten best games

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Farewell then, THQ. Yesterday saw the publisher’s final assets sold off to a variety of buyers, and while many good people (and franchises) managed to find a new home, our thoughts and well-wishes are with those that didn’t. As we’re in a reflective mood, we thought it only appropriate to commemorate the loss of this fine company with a look back at ten of the best games it’s delighted us with over the years.

THQ dissolves, auctions off franchises and studios - here's who bought what

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THQ is no more: the bankrupt publisher and developer auctioned off its assets in U.S. Bankruptcy Court today. Though the court must still approve the sales, a letter from THQ's CEO (which was passed to Kotaku by an employee) reveals the bidders, which include Sega, Ubisoft, Deep Silver, Crytek, and Take-Two, and the THQ franchises and studios they'll acquire. Inside is a breakdown of who's getting what, and what led to today's sale.

Sleeping Dogs' October DLC releases include street racing, SWAT, and strategic soldiers

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Undercover Detective Wei Shen's Triad shenanigans in Sleeping Dogs involve plenty of activities beyond strong-arming street vendors and butterfly-kicking random civilians, and he'll soon have more diversions at his disposal. Developer United Front Games and publisher Square Enix plan a bevy of DLC content in October to furnish the open-world action-adventure with additional racing activities, cop missions, and weapons across five content packs releasing throughout the month.

Saints Row: The Third released in the UK

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Several days after it was released for the rest of the world Saints Row: The Third has come out in the UK. Huzzah! Now we can finally experience all the fun Tom S had in our Saints Row 3 review! However, like several other recent games, it's missing from the steam store in the UK. Boo! Hiss! This sadly means UK players won't be able to get the Saints Row 3 Team Fortress 2 promotional items. You can, however, still buy the game digitally via Gamersgate, Direct2Drive or Origin.

Once again, we wish we knew why steam is being affected by these absences and no-one else is, but we're being kept in the dark as much as you are. Rest assured, if we ever find out, we'll let you know.

Saints Row: The Third launch trailer revels in its own insanity

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Saints Row 3 has been released in North America and VG247 have spotted a demented celebratory launch trailer. This one is short but sweet, at least compared to the earlier seven minute gameplay trailer. Pay careful attention and you'll spot some of the highlights mentioned in Tom S's Saints Row 3 review. The autotuned pimp is hard to miss, but the car tiger and the cloned Russian super soldiers only appear briefly. That sentence really tells you everything you need to know about Saints Row: The Third.

Those of you outside the UK must have your hands on Saints Row by now, what do you think?

Saints Row: The Third released

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UPDATE - It turns out Saints Row is available in the rest of Europe, only the UK has to wait till Friday. Apologies to those of you on the continent for assuming we were in the same boat.

Saints Row: The Third has been released! For North Americans at least, those of us in Europe the UK must instead wait and silently curse until Friday. They'll also get their hands on the Saints Row 3 Team Fortress items, while UK citizens must once again suffer the indignity of seeing a game go missing from our Steam store.

What's that? You'd like to know how good the game is? Why it's 83 good! As scientifically determined by Tom Senior in our Saints Row: The Third review. Go read it! It's a tale of tigers, naked Russian men and autotuned pimps.

Saints Row: The Third review

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You really know you’ve made it in the underworld when you find yourself partying in a penthouse with an army of pink ninja bodyguards. In Saints Row: The Third, I’d achieved this within two hours. That’s it, I’m on top of the world, ma. No-one’s gonna bring me down.

Then the minigun wielding ogre clones showed up. In this free roaming city sandbox, you can never predict the future.

It’s worth saying right now that this is the stupidest game I’ve ever played. I mean that in a good way. If you find yourself demanding reasonable answers to questions like: “Why does the tiger in my car calm down when I do power slides?” or: “Why am I being chased by carts pulled by gimps, and why did they just explode?” then you should steer clear of this ramshackle madness. If, however, everything described so far sounds like the best game ever made, then Saints Row: The Third was built exactly for you.

Saints Row 3 is real, has a subtitle

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That subtitle is 'the third'. As in, Saints Row: The Third. That is all.

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