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THQ remembered: the ten best games

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Farewell then, THQ. Yesterday saw the publisher’s final assets sold off to a variety of buyers, and while many good people (and franchises) managed to find a new home, our thoughts and well-wishes are with those that didn’t. As we’re in a reflective mood, we thought it only appropriate to commemorate the loss of this fine company with a look back at ten of the best games it’s delighted us with over the years.

Humble THQ Bundle announced: Metro, Darksiders, Company of Heroes for $1

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Humble Bundle is offering its first pay-what-you-want package for a triple-A publisher: seven of THQ's games are up for grabs. This might seem like a departure from the Humble Bundle's usual practice of highlighting unassuming indie titles, but we have to admit that there can be few things more humbling for THQ than seeing its stock price plough through the floor.

Plus, as with any Humble Bundle you can select what proportion of your payment goes to the devs, and what part goes to charity - Child's Play and American Red Cross, in this case - so you can still luxuriate in the warming glow of your own philanthropy.

THQ in trouble: Metro: Last Light, Company of Heroes 2 and South Park game delayed

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THQ's stock has halved in value after the publisher's Q2 financial report announced a delay to the games arriving early next year. Though the delay shows an investment in the quality of those titles, the plummeting share price could leave the company facing bankruptcy before they reach market.

How to play Saints Row 3 as a toilet

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Saints Row 3 is the unrestricted id of gaming smeared across an open world city. It's brash, juvenile, violent and obsessed with toilet humour. So much so that you can play the game as a toilet.

Watch the video above, and then read on for how you can easily do it yourself in an instant and without mods.

Saints Row: The Third released in the UK

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Several days after it was released for the rest of the world Saints Row: The Third has come out in the UK. Huzzah! Now we can finally experience all the fun Tom S had in our Saints Row 3 review! However, like several other recent games, it's missing from the steam store in the UK. Boo! Hiss! This sadly means UK players won't be able to get the Saints Row 3 Team Fortress 2 promotional items. You can, however, still buy the game digitally via Gamersgate, Direct2Drive or Origin.

Once again, we wish we knew why steam is being affected by these absences and no-one else is, but we're being kept in the dark as much as you are. Rest assured, if we ever find out, we'll let you know.

Saints Row: The Third launch trailer revels in its own insanity

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Saints Row 3 has been released in North America and VG247 have spotted a demented celebratory launch trailer. This one is short but sweet, at least compared to the earlier seven minute gameplay trailer. Pay careful attention and you'll spot some of the highlights mentioned in Tom S's Saints Row 3 review. The autotuned pimp is hard to miss, but the car tiger and the cloned Russian super soldiers only appear briefly. That sentence really tells you everything you need to know about Saints Row: The Third.

Those of you outside the UK must have your hands on Saints Row by now, what do you think?

Saints Row: The Third released

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UPDATE - It turns out Saints Row is available in the rest of Europe, only the UK has to wait till Friday. Apologies to those of you on the continent for assuming we were in the same boat.

Saints Row: The Third has been released! For North Americans at least, those of us in Europe the UK must instead wait and silently curse until Friday. They'll also get their hands on the Saints Row 3 Team Fortress items, while UK citizens must once again suffer the indignity of seeing a game go missing from our Steam store.

What's that? You'd like to know how good the game is? Why it's 83 good! As scientifically determined by Tom Senior in our Saints Row: The Third review. Go read it! It's a tale of tigers, naked Russian men and autotuned pimps.

Team Fortress 2 gets Saints Row: The Third outfit

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With Team Fortress 2 items appearing in Saints Row, it was only a matter of time before the reverse also became true. Now Joystiq have spotted a post on the TF2 blog that reveals new TF2 items for those that pre-order Saints Row: The Third over steam.

The bonuses take the form of a new outfit for the Heavy, giving him a diamond encrusted Lucha Libre mask, a pair of bling covered boxing gloves and a Saints Row fleur-de-lis badge (which can also be worn by other classes). The TF2 blog claims it's a faithful recreation of the outfit Mikhail Gorbachev wore when he accepted the Nobel Peace Prize in 1990... er... indeed.

Sadly, getting hold of this outfit will be problematic for UK users, as Saints Row: The Third is yet another game that is inexplicably missing from steam in the UK. As ever, we're trying to get to the bottom of this story, but no-one is willing to talk to us about it.

Saints Row: The Third review

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You really know you’ve made it in the underworld when you find yourself partying in a penthouse with an army of pink ninja bodyguards. In Saints Row: The Third, I’d achieved this within two hours. That’s it, I’m on top of the world, ma. No-one’s gonna bring me down.

Then the minigun wielding ogre clones showed up. In this free roaming city sandbox, you can never predict the future.

It’s worth saying right now that this is the stupidest game I’ve ever played. I mean that in a good way. If you find yourself demanding reasonable answers to questions like: “Why does the tiger in my car calm down when I do power slides?” or: “Why am I being chased by carts pulled by gimps, and why did they just explode?” then you should steer clear of this ramshackle madness. If, however, everything described so far sounds like the best game ever made, then Saints Row: The Third was built exactly for you.

Saints Row 3 trailer shows novel way of destroying roadblocks

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Like Just Cause 2, Saints Row: The Third is giving us a plethora of things we wish we could do in real life. In this trailer, one player uses an unmanned aerial vehicle to destroy roadblocks while another player furiously rides their motorbike down the explodey streets.

We wish we had mates who could do something similar on our trek to work, taking out slow-moving old people, unpredictable children and stupid dogs. Actually, we just wish we had mates with access to air-to-ground artillery. Think of the possibilities. Saints Row: The Third is out on November 15 in the US and November 18 in Europe.

EA’s Origin to sell third-party titles like Batman: Arkham City and Saints Row: The Third

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EA’s Steam-challenging Origin digital distribution service will begin selling third-party titles from the likes of Warner Bros Interactive and THQ in November, according to Gamasutra. The service, which EA claims has over six million subscribers, is required to play obscure indie game Battlefield 3 on the PC.

Joining Battlefield 3 are Warner Bros’ Batman: Arkham City and THQ’s Saints Row: The Third, both of which are the very definition of “eagerly awaited.” These will join some “top new releases” from the publishers, but there’s no word on what these are. EA hasn’t disclosed if Warner Bros or THQ’s back catalogues will show up on the service.

Saints Row 3 trailer gets its Tron on

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This new trailer for Saints Row 3 shows the Saints facing off against cyberpunk posers the Deckers, who apparently used their amazing hacking skills to steal all your money. Clearly the only sensible response is to 'broadcast your subconscious into their usernet', and fight them to the death inside an eighties depiction of virtual reality. It might not make much sense, but that's what we've come to expect from a Saints Row 3 trailer.

Saints Row 3 is out on the 15th of November in North America and the 18th of November in Europe.

Saints Row 3 trailer contains luchadors, explosions and a walking apocalypse

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Only in Saints Row 3 would a man consider the name 'Killbane' not ostentatious enough and instead dub himself 'The Walking Apocalypse'. Of course when this man is a Mexican wrestler by day and a violent gang leader by night it all begins to make sense. The trailer above outlines your missions against Killbane's gang, topping it off with your character facing him in the ring to fight him for his luchador honour. There's also a lot of explosions along the way, because Saints Row is like that.

We also get a brief look at Angel de la Muerte, a rival Luchador who sides with your gang and is voiced by Hulk Hogan. You'll get to join him in the ring on the 15th of November in North America and the 18th in Europe.

Saints Row 3 pre-order trailer features octopus gun and manapult

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If you thought the previous Saints Row trailer was crazy then prepare for crazier. Professor Genki's hyper-ordinary pre-order pack (yes, that's what it's called) will get you access to the pedestrian firing 'manapult' seen in the previous trailer as well as a jumpsuit and a gun that shoots octopuses. Yes a gun that shoots octopuses.

Saints Row: The Third is due to be released November 15.

THQ release line-up announced: Warhammer 40K: Dark Millennium Online, Darksiders 2 and Saints Row 3 dated

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THQ have revealed their release lineup for the next year or so and there are a few titles to get excited about. Read on for details on Warhammer 40K: Dark Millennium Online, Darksiders 2 and the mysterious Insane.