Saga Kingdoms launches Kickstarter page, quest system details revealed for the MMORTS

T.J. Hafer at

You may remember Saga, a 2008 MMORTS with collectible card game-like elements. Saga Kingdoms is the continuation of that franchise, seeking to create a MMORTS with more of a focus on co-op and quests than the pure PvP of contenders past. We have some early details on how this questing system will function.

MMO strategy game SAGA goes free-to-play

Dan Stapleton at

What once cost $20, now is free. Silverlode Interactive has turned its swords-and-sorcery real-time strategy MMO, SAGA, into a completely free-to-play game. You can sign up and download the game here. SAGA launched with a free mode in 2008, but now all of the tournaments, guilds, trade and friends list features enabled for all players. The game does look a bit clunky, though graphics obviously aren't everything. Who wants to be our guinea pig and try this sucker out?

Other free-to-play RTS options:
Company of Heroes Online (Beta)

Check out the SAGA trailer below