Check out Revenant, Heroes of Newerth's EZ-mode caster

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Sometimes, playing as a powerful hero just does the work for you. If you've farmed enough, or gotten fed enough, you can reach a point where the game just plays itself, letting you dominate enemies while you space out. What if a hero could be cruisin' on easy street right from the get-go? You may want to check out HoN's newest intelligence hero: Revenant, set for release this Friday. Four skills feels like too many to juggle? Not to worry—his ultimate is passive, so with the right team, you'll be racking up assists like nobody's business using this support superstar.

Heroes of Newerth's latest champion, Tremble, will shake up the lanes

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Heroes of Newerth players suffering from entomophobia (fear of insects) are about to get a nasty surprise: Tremble, the seventy-sixth hero to join HoN's ragtag bunch, is sure to give hapless noobs nightmares. Combine the horrifying appearance of Warhammer 40K's Tyranid Lictor with the creepy burrowing of StarCraft II's equally horrifying Zerg, and you'll understand why heroes should be terrified when the ground starts rumbling beneath their feet. Read on to find out more about the bloodcurdling beetle who'll be coming soon to a gank near you.

Heroes of Newerth review

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At the time of writing, Heroes of Newerth is in the late stages of ‘open beta’ and ripe for review. It’s a tower defence game along the lines of classic Warcraft 3 mod Defence of the Ancients, and the ultra-popular game mode has a clear and far-reaching influence on Newerth. It’s also enormously popular, with over a million people having signed up to the beta, brimming server populations and 50,000 people online at any one time. Even before its official release, Heroes of Newerth has become one of the great, unnoticed communities of the PC gaming world.