Team Fortress 2 poster mistaken for US propaganda on Russian state television

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As part of an effort to show how the United States uses propaganda to influence the mindset of its citizens, a historical documentary recently aired by Russia's Channel One offered up what it said was a First World War-era poster portraying German soldiers as monsters who literally eat babies. One problem: It wasn't a soldier, it was the Soldier, and the poster is Team Fortress 2 fan art.

League of Legends is heading to Russia

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It's hard to believe that League of Legends has only been around for a couple of years. It's been downloaded by 30 million players, and more than four million log on every day to play it. With 11 million active players, it's bigger than World of Warcraft. It's set to grow even more. Riot games announce that they're taking League of Legends to Russia.

High rates of piracy make Russia a problematic territory for some publishers, but League of Legend's free to play model could prove a perfect fit for the millions of PC Gamers living there. Riot say they'll be setting up Russian servers and have prepared a fully localised client and website for the release. There's no mention of a launch date just yet.

League of Legends is free to play already in the US, UK and most of Europe. Check out the League of Legends site to download the client and start playing.

Gabe Newell on piracy and Steam's success in Russia

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We’ve already covered Valve co-founder Gabe Newell’s thoughts on Team Fortress 2’s lucrative decision to go free-to-play, but during the same talk Newell also spoke a little bit about the highly lucrative Russian games market. It seems that the country - which is notorious for high levels of piracy - is actually something of a nest (headcrab) egg for Valve.

“Russia now outside of Germany is our largest continental European market,” Newell was quoted as saying on Geekwire. Presumably this also means the UK is Valve’s largest continental European market, unless Pantelleria has a huge amount of PC gamers. But Newell’s statement also indicates that Russia eclipses France, Spain and Scandinavian countries in terms of profits.

Valve and Xsolla add Steam Wallet support to Russian cash kiosks

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Gamers in Russia can now add hard-earned rubles to their Steam Account Wallet via cash kiosks, according to an announcement posted on Steam.

The move will allow Russia’s 38 million gamers to buy games with real cash through the country’s 450,000 cash kiosks in an effort to make it easier to buy games legally in a country with very high rates of PC game piracy.