Wargame: AirLand Battle revealed with first trailer: cold war combat on big, beautiful maps

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You'd be forgiven for thinking that scenes from the first trailer for Wargame: Airland Battle could've been taken from Arma 2. I was getting quite into the idea of flying those planes you see above, then I realised that this is the follow-up to Eugen Systems' impressive Wargame: European Escalation (here's our review). Wait a minute. This is an RTS. Now I'm excited.

Uplay security risk spotted, Ubisoft "looking into" the issue now

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There's troubling news on RPS regarding a potential security risk associated with Ubisoft's Uplay plugin software that could allow hackers to remotely install programs onto your PC. The problem seems to centre around the Uplay browser plugin, which is easily disabled. In Chrome, search for about:plugins and disable Uplay. In Firefox, head to tools - add ons - plugins and then disable Uplay and the UPlay PC Hub. To be safe, you might want to consider deleting Uplay and related programs from your PC.

The problem is detailed on Hacker News, which exposes a backdoor thread that allows a website to install and run programs remotely. We've contacted Ubisoft for comment and they're "looking into" the problem. We'll update with any further statements. Meanwhile, here's a list of Uplay associated games that you might want to steer clear of until we know exactly how serious the problem is.

Update: Ubisoft have sent over a statement saying that they've patched the problem out. Here it is:

RUSE developer Eugen explains upcoming Wargame: European Escalation

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RUSE might be my favorite RTS of the past several years, and one reason for that is because developer Eugen Systems seemed to design it with wargamers in mind. It could be frantic, but it also felt a bit like what would happen if you turned Panzer General into an RTS.

So it's fitting that their next game is explicitly called Wargame: European Escalation, and I got in touch with Eugen CEO Alexis Le Dressay to learn just how this would differ from RUSE. It turns out that Wargame will be very different, throwing out Ruse's deception mechanics as well as a lot of RTS conventions. The result could be an even more interesting real-time wargame set in the late Cold War.

RUSE expansion adds Japanese factions and new missions

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Another slice of DLC has been released for Ubisoft's sneaky RTS RUSE. The Pack of the Rising Sun adds a Japanese faction to the game. The new army boasts flamethrower units, prototype long range artillery cannons and 'paper tanks.' The pack also adds three new operations in which to test the new forces.

Complete tasks to win games in the Steam Treasure Hunt

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Steam has launched a treasure hunt game that asks players to complete game-related objectives to be in with a chance of winning 100 games. There are also a few Team Fortress 2 hats up for grabs. Details follow.

Free DLC to bring nuclear war to RUSE

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Ubisoft have announced that RUSE players will receive a free update next month. It'll be called the Manhattan Project Pack, and will include new maps and game modes, along with the introduction of the 'Long Tom' nuclear cannon. Full details below.

RUSE launched

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RUSE is out now. Here is our RUSE review, and I've stuck a trailer below.

RUSE review

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Thanks to the killjoys behind the Hague and Geneva Conventions it’s now illegal to win a war by inviting your enemies to sham peace talks then feeding them poisoned danishes. You can’t disguise your tanks as ambulances. Soldiers can’t even use fake arms to pretend to surrender any more. All the furtive fun has been stripped from warfare.

RUSE to receive demo. Or is it????questionmark.

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Yes it is! Did you see what I did there? I did a ruse! Anyway, you can expect plenty more where that came from when the delightfully deceitful real-time strategy game launches on September 7th. Meanwhile, to give you a taste of the action, and an excuse to practice your trickery, Ubisoft are releasing a demo on Steam tomorrow.

PC Gamer US podcast 235 – Hot Dish Insurgents

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This episode's busting its seams with people eager to talk about all the latest video game news (and a few things that aren't video game-related at all). The author of LOVE, Eskil Steenberg joins us this week to offer developer insight on the news and explain why he's still using a decade-old mouse. Logan tells us all about his trip to the Bioshock Infinite announcement in New York, including why his skepticism turned to optimism with a single video of gameplay. The whole gang, including guests Andy Salisbury from the official World of Warcraft magazine and ex-PCG EIC Gary Whitta, tackle RUSE's lack of DRM, League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth latest additions, Fallout New Vegas' star-studded voice casting list, and our big scoop on the next big TF2 update.

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