Rube Goldberg

Tinker with the spiritual successor to Incredible Machine, now on Steam Early Access

Katie Williams at

Quick! Get to your basement to hit the big red button that starts the machine that releases that marbles that flip a switch on the marble run to light a rocket that frightens the cat into racing your wheel-powered computer into motion, because Contraption Maker is now on Steam Early Access!

Minecraft video shows off 1.2 features using Rube Goldberg machine

Tom Senior at

YouTube user Generikb has put together this spectacular Minecraft Rube Goldberg machine to show off many of the great features added by Minecraft update 1.2. It's one of the few videos in which dropping a cat to the ground from cloud level is spectacular and cute instead of pointlessly cruel. That is the power of Minecraft. For a closer look at those jungle biomes, check out yesterday's official Minecraft 1.2 trailer.