Are Intel planning talking routers?

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Tied of your boringly quiet peripherals? Nostalgic for the days when hardware made a proper noise? Do you long for your SSDs to chirrup like a tape loading ZX Spectrum, or your keyboard to click like an old IBM model M?

Seems you are not alone in your antipathy towards the dull silence of the modern microcomputer. According to a report on New Scientist, Intel has just filed a patent for WiFi routers and dongles that can literally talk to each other.

Is your router killing the planet?

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The European Commission is meeting with industry groups tomorrow to try and agree new regulations for power use in network adaptors. On the table are amendments to the European Ecodesign Directive which covers energy use for white goods around the home.

The changes being discussed involve the introduction of a compulsory standby mode for network adaptors, with maximum power consumption phased in over several years. Adaptors that need to wake within under one second will be allowed draw slightly more power in standby than those which are less essential. The actual limits are what will be on the table tomorrow.