Dungeon of the Endless explains its genre mashup in new trailer

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As a roguelike, Dungeon of the Endless gives players more than one way to die. But it's also a mix of squad-based exploration, tower defense, and RPG-style upgrades, so there's also more than one way to stay alive, too. The game's newest trailer shows how these different genres work together to make the game cohesive.

Cellar Door could start working on Rogue Legacy sequel in the next two years

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Cellar Door, the developer behind the excellent Rogue Legacy, has already started working on its next project. The team's not ready to say anything concrete about it yet, but it's notoriously against working within the same genre twice. Does that mean we won't see a Rogue Legacy 2? A recent interview indicates that the game's creators might just make an exception.

Proven Lands is a sci-fi survival roguelike, seeks funding on Kickstarter

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It's been a sc-fi kind of day in the PC gaming news ship. From mecha-judgement to pixellated piracy, the future will be filled with robots, adventure and so very much punching. All that's been missing is some synth-heavy exploration and survival. Fortunately, there's Proven Lands, a roguelike sandbox that hopes to scratch that '70s sci-fi itch.

FTL: Advanced Edition's new subsystems revealed, include cloning and mind control

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Subset Games have revealed some more information about their upcoming free update for FTL. In a new blog post, the team run through some of the subsystems that the Advanced Edition will bring. The expansion - due early this year - will introduce the ability to clone crew members, hack enemy ships, and use mind control. This will basically make the game 30% more sci-fi - a figure that will rise dramatically should they announce a constantly malfunctioning holodeck room.

Spelunky update brings level timers, new HUD to the deadly caverns

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Spelunky, that addictive roguelike that stole our hearts to win our Game of the Year last year, is getting a bit of a facelift. A new update will include an option to enable a smaller, more streamlined user interface, as well as various tweaks and bug fixes. The update is available as of today for download on Steam.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth details emerge in new creator Q&A

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Binding of Isaac creator Edmund McMillen has answered a huge selection of questions surrounding his and Nicalis's remake project Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Taking the form of a Q&A between McMillen and a (hopefully fictional) foul-mouthed and belligerent question-asker, he reveals how the game will contain double the content of the original, how the developers are planning to add shared seeds, and how - typically - it will be "done when it's done".

Barony trailer shows Ultima Underworld inspired multiplayer roguelike

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There are two reasons to be excited for upcoming indie dungeon crawler Barony. The first is its description. On the game's TIGsource thread, creator Sheridan Kane Rathbunhe explains that it's essentially "Ultima Underworld, with multiplayer and lots of rogue-like stuff." The second reason is the trailer's use of In The Hall of the Mountain King, which is, in and of itself, a naturally exciting piece of music. Although it could have been made more exciting had the maker just learned a few lessons from AAA trailer making. Namely, dubstep.

Eldritch dev discusses going indie, taking on big publishers in post-mortem post

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Indie Lovecraft-alike Eldritch landed big last fall, earning itself a positive review and some kudos after only a few months of development. Now its designer, David Pittman, formerly of 2K Marin and Bioshock 2 fame, has written up an extensive post-mortem on the dark, unknowable secrets inside the black heart of indie game creation. In addition to talking frankly about the game’s budget and income, Pittman also revealed the absolute power of a Steam Sale to spike a game’s numbers.

FTL: Advanced Edition's new race detailed alongside other enhancements

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For all its infinite wonder, space is kind of a jerk. It would be bad enough if FTL was about navigating its various deadly pitfalls, but the game goes one further - pitting you against a selection of deadly alien races and their many weapons. Despite all this, and as good as the space roguelike was, I always felt that it could use more variety and options to support the need for repeat playthroughs. Step forward FTL: Advanced Edition, which will be made available as a free upgrade to the base game next year. Along with the already detailed ships, weapons and events, its developers have now announced another race of murderous foe. It looks like space is being upgraded to an ultrajerk.

Rogue Legacy update will bring a new class, harder bosses and more traits

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As if harder bosses were a thing that Rogue Legacy needed. That's the problem with roguelikes: they turn us all into masochists. Someone should chart the number of people who, having experienced the roguelike boom of the last couple of years, now spend their weekends in seedy industrial clubs getting spanked for pleasure. Alternatively, read on to learn of the less literal spanking the 2D dungeon-crawling roguelike will be administering in the next few days.

Spelunky's first solo eggplant run completed, makes for a tense hour of platforming

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It is done. In a heart-stopping descent, Spelunky caster Bananasaurus Rex completed a world-first solo eggplant run. The eggplant's purpose was one of Spelunky’s best-kept secrets, discovered only once hackers started digging through the HD PC release. But knowing its power and using it are two different things. One slip, one rogue bat, one angry shopkeeper and your precious cargo is purple goo.

Desktop Dungeons release date set for November 7th, will be available on Steam

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I'd previously assumed that Desktop Dungeons had ventured in the realm of the NeverLaunch, alongside all the other roguelikes and indie games forever stuck in a state of beta. Since the original alpha back in 2010, the QCF design team have been tinkering, fixing and rebalancing, seemingly with no end in sight. In fact, the browser-based roguelike puzzler has nearly completed its randomly generated quest; it's reward a Steam release, planned for November 7th.

Indie roguelike Catacomb Kids heads to IGF 2014 with twitch combat and inevitable death

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Despite its childish name and the youth of its protagonists, Catacomb Kids looks seriously brutal. It's a new platformer with randomly generated levels in the flavor of Spelunky, but it adds offensive magic and a delightfully retro art style to the mix. Now that the game, developed entirely by solo developer Tyriq Plummer, has been sent to IGF 2014, we can bask in the warm glow of its submission trailer.

Eldritch review

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As I approached the end of my first run through Eldritch I was more or less unstoppable. I'd bought stealth boots from the desert realm of Nyarlathotep, allowing me to sprint silently from cover to jam my dagger into the face of whatever adorable cosmic horror awaited me in the next chamber. I held a talisman that enabled my revolver to blow away the game's randomly-generated environments brick by brick. When my progress was blocked by a locked door I'd blast a hole in the wall instead, and where I couldn't find a safe route down to the next level of Lovecraftian dungeon, I'd make one.

Spacebase DF-9 alpha released by Double Fine to Steam Early Access

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During E3 we learned that Double Fine was putting two unnamed games into production with help from its rich uncle, Indie Fund. Today Double Fine is releasing an early version one of those games: Spacebase DF-9.

The Curious Expedition, an exploration roguelike where Charles Darwin searches for Atlantis

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The Curious Expedition is a roguelike exploration game with an unbearably interesting hook: take your pith-helmeted hero into a violent, randomly generated jungle and meet new tribes, fight lizard men, find ancient ruins, and return a famous explorer. By taking the classic roguelike above-ground and into unknown continents, Curious Expedition might be able to plant a stake in a crowded genre in the tradition of FTL.

Nuclear Throne - the artist formerly known as Wasteland Kings - hits Steam Early Access

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It seems like only yesterday (correction: it was only yesterday plus another 11 days) that Vlambeer's Wasteland Kings was rebranded as Vlambeer's Nuclear Throne, and now the post-apocalyptic mutanty roguelike-like-like is available to buy via Steam Early Access. If you enjoy paying for things before they're done, you'll be given access to (at the current point in time) four worlds, seven characters, two boss fights and "a huge range of weapons, skills and randomly generated goodness". In the game of thrones, you win or you die. In the game of Nuclear Throne, you'll be doing a fair bit of both.

Bionic Dues out now, merges robots, roguelikes and corridor roaming

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"Hello everybody, a roguelike has just been released," is a sentence that that I could have written on any day of the last few months and still have it be accurate. There's been a lot of them, is what I'm saying. Not that it's a bad thing: personally, I'd rather this than endless waves of DotA-likes or, *shudder* tower defence. The latest is Bionic Dues, from AI War developer Arcen Games. It's a robo-roguelike featuring a seemingly unstoppable invasion and a lot of mechs.

Rogue Legacy's Mac and Linux ports "very close", upcoming patch will add new content

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Rogue Legacy's Mac and Linux siblings may have overslept, but soon they'll be able to join the elder, Windows version of the genealogical roguelike. According to Cellar Door, the outsourced ports are "very close" to being done. That won't be the end of development on the game, either, with a patch in the works that aims to bolster the game's considerable difficulty with new content.

Eldritch combines roguelike and immersive sim in a first-person Lovecraftian adventure

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As we all know, the best way to run a popular PC gaming website is to go space game, roguelike, space game, roguelike in an endlessly alternating pattern. That would make it time for some roguelike news. Perhaps one that's first-person, has some action-RPG tendencies, and a Lovecraftian inspiration. I'm sure I've got something like that in my not so little black book. Aha, here it is: Eldritch.