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Star Citizen's Arena Commander module gets its biggest update yet

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Arena Commander, Star Citizen's multiplayer dogfighting module, took a big step forward today with the release of the v0.9 update. Cloud Imperium Games says it's "the most significant iteration of Arena Commander yet," adding new features, a pair of racing ships, new hangars, and a number of other improvements.

Star Citizen FPS, exploration and racing modules shown off at Gamescom

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Roberts Space Industries has teased Star Citizen racing and first-person shooting during its Gamescom livestream on Saturday. Embedded below, the racing video is generous enough, providing a pretty solid idea of where the team is headed. Meanwhile the first-person shooting module remains a bit of a mystery, with the fairly unhelpful video below revealing little except that more will be shown at PAX Australia in November.

Star Citizen flight model and control systems detailed in new blog post

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The vast majority of space combat simulators we've come to know and love over the years—Wing Commander, TIE Fighter, X: Beyond the Frontier and all the rest—have one thing in common: They employ atmospheric flight models rather than "Newtonian." What this means is that despite "flying" through the zero-gravity void of space, starfighters behave more or less as real-world aircraft do. It's generally seen as a necessary concession to gameplay and conformation to the space dogfight standard established by Star Wars, but Star Citizen will be taking a more complex and realistic approach to its flight model.

Star Citizen's Arena Commander module launching May 29th

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Star Citizen or Elite: Dangerous? It's the new Daddy or Chips, and like that most ultimate of dilemmas I haven't yet settled on or t'other. My decision wheel gets more complicated with the news that Star Citizen's Arena Commander module (that's the dogfighting one) will release on May 29th. The mode will go out to all crowdfunding backers on that date, while the game's first multiplayer testers will (obviously) get to play around with its multiplayer options too.

Star Citizen's expanded PAX East video shows off spacewalking and stealth

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Star Citizen's recent blast of gameplay footage is what happens when you give the Once and Future King of space games $41 million to make his dream space game a reality: ie much whooping and unbridled excitement over one admittedly pretty stonking video. But what if you could watch the same video again, with added interview bits and extra footage, including stealth manoeuvers (in the dark) and a moderately terrifying Gravity-style spacewalk? If your answer contains hollering and/or whooping, you may join me after the break.

Star Citizen tops $40 million in funding, opens up two new star systems

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Star Citizen—the in-progress space sim and dream generator—has surpassed $40 million in funding, according to the latest update from game lead Chris Roberts. While the new monies are set to boost the scale of its universe with the addition of two new star systems, the new update also reveals the level of fresh support Star Citizen has achieved in terms of its community population. Roberts writes that more than 10,000 people have joined its community since the end of February.

Star Citizen is building a faction system, initial launch planned for early January

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Star Citizen is getting organized. And not in the sense that it's getting really good at raising incredible amounts of game development cash. No, we knew that already. Dubbed "Organizations," the upcoming space sim has announced a new faction/clan system that's being prepped to go live sometime next month, according to an update from developer Cloud Imperium Games.

Star Citizen community ship design contest puts more than $30,000 up for grabs

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Fresh off blasting past $21 million in crowdfunded support, Star Citizen's latest challenge isn't about boosting its bottom line. The Chris Roberts-led project is looking for modders, designers, and concept artists to develop "the next great starship," according to the space sim's official website. And there's $30,000 waiting for the individual or team who puts together the best design.

Star Citizen has raised $21 million, unlocking the 'salvage' career path

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As I climbed into the news cockpit this morning, I noticed the familiar flashing of the deep red alert siren. If anything, the warnings were becoming more frequent: a foreboding sign of the future. This time it had been silent for just nine days. Still, that's the life we chose; we knew the risks when we signed up for this job. We knew that periodically - nay, regularly - Star Citizen would make yet another million dollars.

Star Citizen crowdfunding reaches $14 million, brings new features

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In-progress space sim Star Citizen has achieved $14 million in crowdfunding support, according to a recent announcement on its official website. Reaching the funding goal for the Chris Roberts-designed game means the promise of additional features and opens the door for more content at higher funding levels, should it reach them.

Star Citizen trailer shows off Origin 300i spaceship, hangar app coming this August

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In the car advertising world, words don't mean what they mean—they mean whatever a robust masculine voice tells us they mean. The same goes in the latest Star Citizen trailer, which apes the style of luxury car ads to introduce the Origin 300i, a spaceship which redefines speed as "a shock to the soul." Physicists are hurriedly rewriting major theories to cope with the revelation.

Star Citizen has raised $10M and counting, enough for Roberts to build his own universe

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Star Citizen's Kickstarter campaign demonstrated that you don't need a publisher to make an ambitious space trading sim MMO thing - and now the Roberts Space Industries site has shown that you don't even need Kickstarter. In addition to the two-and-change million dollars Chris Roberts and co managed to drum up on the funding site alone, they've raised $7.9 million via RSI (no, not Repetitive Strain Injury), bringing the total to a cool $10 million, or enough to afford their own private universe. Probably. Or at the very least, one of the more leper-free Caribbean islands.

Star Citizen raises $9 million through crowdfunding

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The year is 2053; the world is on the brink of financial and social collapse. It started innocuously enough. Star Citizen - Chris Roberts' multiplayer space sim - took to Kickstarter, making a healthy $2,000,000 from backer pledges. But the money kept pouring in through the game's website at Roberts Space Industries. By the end of April 2013, Star Citizen had raised a staggering total of $9,062,402.

Star Citizen interview with Chris Roberts - new concept art and in-engine screenshots

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Star Citizen is one of the most ambitious games in development—a massive, high-fidelity, multiplayer space combat sim headed by Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts. Back at GDC I interviewed Roberts about how he plans to realize Star Citizen's prodigious goals, the latest development update—which details modular ship customization—and how the universe as a whole will be simulated. You probably also want to scroll down for the first in-engine screenshots since the prototype reveal.

Star Citizen's ship customization systems explained

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Star Citizen is being billed as a return to form for PC gaming and the space combat genre. It's to be bigger than the rest, more open than the rest, and more detailed than the rest, especially in regard to ship design and handling—the official bullet points describe full rigid body simulation, "Dynamic Ship Maneuverability," and meaningful component decisions. Tasty stuff, but just a sweet glaze of promises on top of the rich, substantial detail filling we're after—and now we have a little more of it.

Chris Roberts: Star Citizen's death system creates "a sense of living history"

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Star Citizen's huge ambitions haven't faded since the upcoming space sim warped past the $6 million mark during its twin crowdfunding campaigns. In a lengthy blog post, project head Chris Roberts shares his ideas for creating a "sense of living history" through a permadeath mechanic that underscores a character's legacy.

Star Citizen raises over $4.5 million, is now "the highest crowd-funded game project ever"

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Chris Roberts' Star Citizen continues its rocketlike ascent with the news that its crowdfunding drive has passed the $4.2 million mark. Since that story was published on Blues News, it's even raised an extra $400,000 odd - at the time of writing, it's now at $4,605,301 and counting. This means, according to Roberts Space Industries, that Star Citizen is now "the highest crowd-funded game project ever".

New Star Citizen video shows 'AI Test Footage'

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Star Citizen announces new stretch goals, could be the largest crowd-funded game ever

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With one week still remaining to gather funding, Chris Roberts' ambitious space sim Star Citizen has raised an astonishing $3,385,532, nudging it just ahead of Double Fine Adventure ($3,336,371) and putting it in sight of Project Eternity ($3,986,929). Roberts, best known for creating Wing Commander, has released a video exhorting his pilots to back him for the final push by defeating stretch goals in the quest to break the $4 million mark, all while awkwardly trying to avoid breaking the fourth wall. Bless him.

Star Citizen: RSI campaign extended, new stretch goals announced

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Chris Roberts' Star Citizen has reached its 2 million dollar goal, and to celebrate he's added some new stretch goals. If the project reaches $750,000, on Kickstarter alone, every player will start the game with a class 1 repair bot, which apparently acts as a "pilot's best friend". And if both campaigns reach $2.5 million, another pilotable ship will be added to the game: the Anvil Gladiator. This vessel is "a capital ship's worst nightmare." That's right - it's the Freddy Kreuger of the space federation.