Road Rash

Road Redemption roars out onto Steam Early Access

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Road Rash was a fundamentally ridiculous game about hyper-violent motorcycle races in which victory could be achieved either by being faster than your opponents, or by pushing them into oncoming traffic at 120 miles per hour. That's a good description of Road Redemption too, a "spiritual successor" that blasted through Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight last year, and is now available on Steam Early Access.

Road Redemption adds split-screen multiplayer, gets an E3 gameplay trailer

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Once, when I was younger, I rented a Sega Genesis console for a week, just to play Road Rash. I was never particularly good at it, but there was something about rocketing down the highway on two wheels, blowing past oncoming traffic at a thousand miles an hour and clubbing my fellow riders into next week that I just could not get enough of. So when Road Redemption turned up on Kickstarter last year, you better believe I was excited.

Road Rash-inspired Road Redemption secures Kickstarter funding

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Road Redemption, the Road Rash inspired racer by New Orleans' Darkseas Games, has reached its Kickstarter goal. It hit its base target of $160,000 only two days before deadline, and as is increasingly the case with these campaigns a series of stretch goals have been announced, including Oculus Rift support.

Road Redemption takes a swipe at Road Rash with its combat-heavy Kickstarter

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While Criterion have made some vague noises about the possibility of a modern Road Rash reboot, developers DarkSeas are already speeding into the distance, brandishing a lead pipe. Their Kickstarter project, Road Redemption, leans heavily into the Road Rash theme with two-wheeled tussles aplenty. I'm not entirely sure what's so redemptive about smacking a biker in the face with a metal chain. Maybe the pitch video can fill us in.

Criterion interested in bringing back Road Rash, get your chains at the ready

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Speaking to The Guardian - and to the part of me that would whack someone with a chain for a new Road Rash - Criterion's Craig Sullivan expressed an interest in the Burnout/Need for Speed developer tackling the '90s bike-violence classic next. It wouldn't be completely pie-in-the-sky - if you remember that Burnout publisher EA also owns the rights to Road Rash, then it suddenly makes a lot of sense.