Myst developer Cyan Worlds announces Obduction, a new first-person adventure game

Patrick Carlson at

20 years after it unleashed the strange and wonderful Myst into the world, developer Cyan Worlds has a new first-person adventure game in the works. It's called Obduction, and Cyan is looking for crowdfunding support through Kickstarter. The developers are turning to Kickstarter after getting a less than enthusiastic response from publishers, according to Cyan CEO Rand Miller.

D'ni DIY: Myst linking book replica plays entire series in paginated portal

Omri Petitte at

Myst scared the wits out of me as a child—hey, it was hard to appreciate the serene beauty of an abandoned island that looks like René Magritte's private resort—but it also captured the ancient power of books and the wonderous worlds they weave for the imagination. That's why I'm terribly conflicted over Myst enthusiast Mike Ando's creation of a full-fledged linking book complete with an encased, working computer playing the entirety of the legendary adventure franchise on a display iconically embedded within its pages. Oh, well—another jump through the looking glass won't hurt.

League of Legends gets new hero, Riven

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Riven is the latest champion to join League of Legends' ever growing army of heroes. She's a very mobile close ranged fighter, with abilities that let her dart forwards in short bursts to harass enemies and get out of trouble. You'll find out everything you need to know in the typically intricate League of Legends hero spotlight video above, which shows how she can be used effectively to chase down enemy heroes. See some screenshots below, showing the three very different appearances provided by her alternative skins.