RISK: Factions

Risk: Factions review

Tim Stone at

Would chess be a better game if bishops were replaced with randomly moving Inquisitors? Would Cluedo be improved by the addition of a demon-spewing Hellmouth? After spending a few days with Risk: Factions, I’m tempted to say ‘Yes’.

Although RF does include the classic game, its meat is a twisted re-interpretation in which moggies, zombs, robots, men and yetis battle for continental control. The new factions actually add little beyond some pleasing combat animations – what refreshes is the introduction of a range of new maps dotted with enticing buff structures.

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Lucas Sullivan at

Your favorite classic board game, RISK, is old and busted. Commanding vast armies and conquering the world with nothing but your trusty pair of dice may fulfill your Napoleonic fantasies, but the board game can be a drag to set up, what with all the cards and multicolored plastic Roman numerals that need distributing. And who really has three hours to devote to a board game anyway?

That's where RISK: Factions comes in. In this computerized variant, you can play as human, Cat, Undead, Robot, or Yeti, and wield some serious firepower, up to and including nukes. Want to win a free copy? Read on.