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Humble Daily Bundles give you 14 days of deals

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Uh oh. Humble Bundle is already in the midst of a tempting Spring Sale (Saint Row IV is currently $10!) at the same time as GOG’s Spring Insomnia Sale, and your wallet cowers in fear of Steam’s next seasonal sale. The last thing it needs is another opportunity for amazing savings, but that’s just what Humble Bundle announced with its new Humble Daily Bundle.

Dead Island and Saints Row humble the Deep Silver bundle

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With the release of Saints Row IV just around the corner, it seems that publisher Deep Silver wants to set a charitable tone with a Humble Bundle consisting of its more delinquent titles. After all, crime’s perfectly legal if it’s done in the name of sick children.

Risen 2 demo offers piratical sabbatical, Magic: The Gathering 2013 demo also available

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As the bigger words just up there say, demos for pirate arrrPG Risen 2 and Magic: The Gathering Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 are now live on Steam (thanks, Blue's News). The Risen 2 demo is the portlier of the pair at 6.2 GB, but the 1.2 Magic demo packs plenty of card battles into 1.3GB. The sequel adds new decks, puzzle challenges and a moodier table. It's worth checking out to see the layer of whizz-bang they've added to make the act of moving cards from one place to another more exciting. Magic is great, but it would add a bonus layer of danger if the cards caught fire and electrocuted each other every few minutes.

Risen 2: Dark Waters review

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Risen 2 has the best jumping animation in all of gaming. Press space and your plumvoiced pirate raises one leg and skips forward. Not only is it the cutest thing I’ve ever seen done by a hairy man in shorts (and I’ve seen Graham play badminton), but it moves Risen 2’s nameless hero around faster than walking.

Risen 2 trailer shows Kraken and high pirate fashion, also a ghost ship

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Risen 2 screenshots show sunny scenes, golems and piracy

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I found myself falling into the trap of thinking that Risen 2 was much gloomier than it actually is. First, there was that tag line,"Dark Waters," then there was the grimy back-street brawling of the Risen 2 debut trailer. In fact, Risen 2 may be one of the sunniest RPGs around. It's set among a series of Southern archipelagos run by pirates and brigands. The choppy waters between landmasses hide dozens of roaming sea monsters preying on ships and assaulting ports. A pirate RPG, with guns, and kraken? That'll do very nicely indeed.

Risen 2 is due out in the US on April 24 and Europe on April 27. Check out the Risen 2 site for more info, and get the latest screenshots below, featuring jungles, a really cheerful spider fighting an alligator, and lots of guns. Click to see them full size.

Risen 2 trailer talks pirates, inquisitors and faithful gnome servants

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Did Piranha Bytes decide to set Risen 2 on a series of pirate island so they could turn their studios into a pretend jungle? Possibly. The latest developer diary reveals more about Risen 2's factions and creatures and gives the devs the opportunity to squat in the middle of their cardboard forests like real adventurers. The inquisition return from the first Risen game, and it looks like we'll be choosing to side with them or the island natives over the course of the sequel. The RPG will come out in April. It looks interesting, but will we have tired by Skyrim by then?