Rise of Immortals

Rise of the Immortals now in open beta

Lucas Sullivan at

Petroglyph has just opened the doors on a beta version of its MOBA game Rise of Immortals to anyone who's interested—now's your chance to try out a mixture of PvP and PvE elements in a three-lane, hero-team setup. By signing up for the beta, you'll get some exclusive swag and a bit of in-game currency for your trouble.

Scorpix, an exclusive hero reveal for Rise of the Immortals

Lucas Sullivan at

As you might've read last week, Rise of Immortals is a new MOBA on the way that's willing to take a few risks in the genre. That includes the controversial implementation of persistent levels for your characters, which has received mixed reactions so far from our readers. But I think we can all get behind a half-scorpion man who can summon other scorpions to tear apart his foes mercilessly. Enter Scorpix.