Razer Blade

Razer Blade gaming laptop prototypes stolen

Rob Zacny at

Razer recently announced that a pair of prototype Blades, the company's upcoming gaming laptop, were stolen in early November in a break-in that appears to have specifically targeted at the prototypes. Razer global marketing director Heathcliffe Hatcher told Kotaku that the thieves left most of the electronics in the office untouched, while the Blades vanished from different parts of the office.

Razer has made a public appeal on Facebook for the return of the laptops, an appeal that Razer told Kotaku was motivated by its need for the testing data from those prototypes.

Are ultrabooks the future of PC gaming?

Adam Oxford at

How powerful does a laptop need to be? It’s a pertinent question. Last week Razer unveiled a laptop it proclaimed the “saviour of PC gaming”. But the big laptop news is that we’re about to be deluged by ‘ultrabooks’ - thin and light MacBook Air clones which weigh just over a kilo, but pack powerful Core i5/i7 processors.