Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

10 things we know about Rainbow 6: Siege from yesterday's debut showing

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Rainbow 6 is back, and not in the noisy, deliberately provocative, trying-too-hard manner of Rainbow 6: Patriots. Siege made its first appearance at Ubisoft's conference yesterday, showing an encouraging return to the tactical roots of the series, with the bonus addition of total destructability and tight 5 vs. 5 multiplayer. There's plenty to glean from the video demonstration, so we've picked out ten points of interest ahead of Evan's hands-on impressions.

The 15 best co-op games of all time

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Games get a bad rap for being a solitary, violence-obsessed form of entertainment. But they can also be a collaborative, violence-obsessed form of entertainment. Just ask the close-knit PC Gamer team. Tom F Co-op based games teach us the value of teamwork better than any kitten based motivational poster, by showing us how many more of our enemies we can crush if we can just learn to work together.

Now Playing: Rainbow Six Vegas 2's terrible ending

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The last time we wrote about Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, Tom explained the terrifying sense of vulnerability Terrorist Hunt mode subjects you to, and the panic that inspires. He and I have now finished the co-op campaign, and it’s wonderful mostly for the same reasons. Rather than repeat what’s already been said, I want to talk about the ending. The atrociously bad ending.

Now Playing: The genius and maths of Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

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That was me, talking about three people, in Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Shortly afterwards I was killed, in two hits, by three people in Rainbow Six Vegas 2. The ferociously quick deaths have a way of amplifying everything: any number of people you can't kill in 0.75 seconds might as well be an army. Two's a double homicide, three's a crowd.

Rainbow Six Patriots trailer talks bailouts, shows bombs

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With a vaguely zeitgeisty spiel about home foreclosures and bailouts, domestic terrorist organisation, The Patriots, vigorously wave the "we're evil" flag by throwing a bomb-laden man out of a window to be detonated among the civilians far below. Judging from this bit of CGI and the previous trailer, throwing innocent people from a great height and then exploding them is going to be a recurring theme in Rainbow Six: Patriots. Edgy!

Though there's still no in-game footage, few solid details, and it's due out in 2013, Rainbow 6: Patriots is already available to Pre-order on the Ubisoft shop.

Rainbow 6 Patriots announced: "Terrorism has evolved, and so has Rainbow 6"

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Ubisoft have just announced Rainbow 6 Patriots - the next game in the successful tactical FPS series. It's being developed by Ubisoft Montreal with the support of Ubisoft Toronto and Ubisoft Red Storm, and will arrive on PC in 2013. The single player campaign will pit Team Rainbow (goodies) against the True Patriots (baddies). The latter are a revolutionist group who claim the American government is irrevocably corrupted by greedy politicians. So far, so Clancy.

Rainbow 6 Patriots domain names registered by Ubisoft

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Rumours of a new Rainbow 6 game have been paddling around for a while. Kotaku reported news from an unnamed source (who I shall henceforth refer to as MR. X) that it would be set in New York, and see the high-impact anti-terrorist unit responding to a US terrorist group “fed up with the greed of Wall Street and the government that acts to protect them." Recently, web domain names registered by Ubisoft have turned up a possible title for the sequel.