Rainbow Six: Patriots

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot explains what happened to Rainbow Six: Patriots

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Ubisoft brought Rainbow Six back in a big way yesterday. But as the saying goes, if you want to make an omelette, sometimes you have to break a few faces. And so it went for Rainbow Six: Patriots, announced all the way back in 2011, which fell victim to what Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said was an industry-driven shift away from single-player game development.

Ubisoft: PC version of Rainbow Six: Patriots exists, will be same as consoles

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To say that Ubisoft's relationship with PC has been a bit dicey lately is probably understating it. Possibly even over-understating, if that's a thing. Most recently, the publisher cast doubt upon a PC version of I Am Alive and - more interestingly - canned Ghost Recon: Future Soldier's PC port in favor of aligning its laser sights on Ghost Recon Online. The latter, at least, sort of makes sense. Make a console game for consoles and a PC game for PC. Don't be a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none.

Then the "target render" for Rainbow Six: Patriots burst onto the scene, proudly standing under a heavy rain of Heavy Rain-style QTE prompts.

Rainbow 6 Patriots domain names registered by Ubisoft

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Rumours of a new Rainbow 6 game have been paddling around for a while. Kotaku reported news from an unnamed source (who I shall henceforth refer to as MR. X) that it would be set in New York, and see the high-impact anti-terrorist unit responding to a US terrorist group “fed up with the greed of Wall Street and the government that acts to protect them." Recently, web domain names registered by Ubisoft have turned up a possible title for the sequel.