Rain World

Rain World trailer shows the further adventures of an invertebrate cat thing

Phil Savage at

While it's not quite the winner of the award for prettiest gifs on a Kickstarter page (that's Hyper Light Drifter), Rain World is undoubtedly one of the more striking 2D platformers that you'll see. That distinctive visual style has so far been rewarded with $44,782 in pledges, a significant increase on the original $25,000 goal. With eight days to go and a stretch goal to achieve, its creators have released a new video showing their slugcat in action.

Rain World celebrates successful Kickstarter, Greenlight campaigns with new alpha footage

Ian Birnbaum at

Well that was fast. Rain World, the stealth platformer featuring the most adorable slugcat I’ve ever seen, has been fully funded on Kickstarter after only a couple of days. The team has set new goals, but not before celebrating its funding and successful Greenlighting with a new batch of alpha gameplay footage.

Indie platformer Rain World turns to Kickstarter for additional funding

Ian Birnbaum at

After three years of development, indie platformer Rain World hit Kickstarter this week, seeking additional funding to finalize the game. Set in a 16-bit industrial hellscape, you play as an unnamed slugcat, trying to hibernate your way through life. When you get hungry, you’re forced to get out, stalk, and pounce on things to eat while other, larger animals try to do the same to you.