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4K Screenshot Showcase: Project CARS

Ben Griffin at

Every week, keen screen-grabber Ben Griffin brings you a sumptuous 4K resolution gallery to celebrate PC gaming's prettiest places.

Not to downplay my heroics or anything, but Project CARS isn't hard to make look nice. It's the Kate Moss of videogames. If it's not native 4K support or a bevvy of visual options making my job easier, then it's the incredibly useful hotkeys: ctrl + F triggers free cam, ctrl + P cycles through filters, and P stops time entirely. You can even put the AI in charge of your car with ctrl + I to free up your camera-clicking fingers.

Grid: Autosport review

PC Gamer at

Ordinarily it’s hard to feel sympathy for games marketing folks. They use portmanteaus like RealFeel or TrueDrive when they mean handling, and talk about that sweet spot between arcade and simulation like it’s a slider on the dev’s toolset that no-one thought to include before. But you have to feel for whoever was in charge of penning Grid Autosport’s back-of-box brags; it’s a fantastic game, but its strengths lie in perfectly nailed fundamentals rather than new features. Er, the racing feels really, really real? No dice. Back to the drawing board, marketing person.

MMO racer The Crew speeds past delay, coming this fall

Ian Birnbaum at

Ubisoft ripped back the curtain on The Crew today, showing off gameplay from the multiplayer racing game for the first time. Billed as an MMO for racing fans, The Crew lets you and friends get together for illegal street races and other such high-speed shenanigans across a photorealistic, open-world representation of the continental United States.

Trackmania releases three new demos to celebrate ten years of going really fast

Ian Birnbaum at

How time flies when you’re in a race car flying through improbable loops and smashing into things. Speaking of which, Trackmania is turning ten years old next month. To celebrate, developer Nadeo is releasing free demos of Trackmania 2: Valley, Stadium and Canyon. If you’ve never tried the insanity that is a Trackmania race, head over to the Maniaplanet website to download.

Indie racing game Distance reaches Kickstarter funding

Tom Hatfield at

Good news for lovers of neon: Distance, the new effort from the creators of the excellent free racing game Nitronic Rush, has just been Kickstarted. Nitronic Rush was one of our surprise favourites of 2011. Made by some students from DigiPen, it was about tumbling through a tron style futuristic glowing future city in a transforming rocket car. Distance promises even more of the same, only with multiplayer, mod support and all the other bonuses that come with having an actual budget.

Dirt Showdown review

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Project CARS screenshots reveal stunning looking Pagani Huayra

Tom Hatfield at

We already knew Project CARS was a stunning looking game, that's a given. But did we ever suspect it looked this good? These screenshots are of the recently added Pagani Huayra, and they're utterly astonishing. Credit to them goes to the users Darkdeus and fresquito on NeoGaf. Yes, you heard that right. These are not touched up promotional shots, but ones taken by actual gamers, and they still look that good.

F1 2012 screenshots make little 'vroom' noises in your head

Tom Hatfield at

Codemasters have released some new 'work in progress' screenshots from F1 2012 via their facebook page, as spotted by VG247. Unsurprisingly, they're mostly pictures of cars, but this time they look even more like cars then they did last time! They're still worth a look though, because they're astonishingly pretty. You can almost hear the vroom sounds.

Ridge Racer Unbounded review

Graham Smith at

FlatOut was a stunt racer with a mode in which players attempted to launch their drivers through the windscreen of their cars and over obstacles. Ridge Racer is best remembered as an arcade racer about blue skies and power slides. These two games combining is only the first counter-intuitive thing about Unbounded.

Dirt 3 trailer features rally drivers and developer Q&A

Tom Senior at

The latest Dirt 3 trailer has professional rally drivers testing the game's upgraded physics systems. There's a fair bit of in-game footage sprinkled between shots of enthusiastic drivers being thrown about on racing platforms. We get to see new cars and locations, and hear the developers answer questions from fans.