Race The Sun

Race the Sun is now on Steam, celebrates with a new trailer and Steam sale

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Race the Sun, the procedurally generated dodge-racer greenlit back in early October, is now officially on Steam. The game’s new launch trailer shows off its trademark hyper-fast, minimalist flight and new Steam integration features.

Race The Sun sprints to Steam on December 9th

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If you thought Race The Sun's marathon was over at last with the release of the procedural endless runner back in August, then you're dead wrong. I mean, have you tried racing the sun lately? It's really fast. And hot. And the slightest bit gassy. Unless you're a crewmember in Sunshine, it's probably best to leave it well enough alone. Flippfly haven't, and thanks to their meddling (and your begrudged approval on Steam Greenlight), Race The Sun is finally coming to Steam. It will land on Valve's very own gas giant on December 9th.

Not On Steam sale highlights games that aren't on Steam

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This will come as a shock to some, but it is possible to buy and play games away from Valve ultro-store Steam. The problem is finding those game: something that developer Flippfly noticed when they released their own game, Race The Sun. To combat it, they've organised the Not On Steam sale: a sale comprised of games that are not on Steam. No, I don't know how they came up with that name either.

Hyper Light Drifter, Eldritch and Race The Sun among latest batch of Greenlit games

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Valve are driving around with their headlights set to max, shining them full in the face of yet more indie games. This latest batch of Steam Greenlight approvals includes everything from the Lovecraftian roguelike Eldritch, to the hyper-pretty, hyper-funded Hyper Light Drifter, and Skyscraper Simulator, which I really hope is a simulator about being a skyscraper. Hopefully not the one from Battlefield 4.

Procedural dodge-'em-up Race The Sun is out now

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Some people praise the sun, while others seem determined to race it, as potentially disastrous as that sounds. Flippfly's procedural dodge-'em-up Race The Sun is out now, after soaring (well, scraping) past its Kickstarter target earlier in the year. The game will set you back ten procedurally generated dollars (the procedure here being 'taking them out of your wallet'), and to celebrate the devs have released a launch trailer. On the actual launch day! Astounding. Stick around for a beautifully minimalist video.

Race The Sun crosses the Kickstarter finish line

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As a certain Kickstarter project continues to suck in money like a hungry black hole, it's worth remembering that the service has also been good to smaller, arguably purer, projects. Like this: Race The Sun - an "infinite speed experience" time-trial racer with an alpha demo you can play right now. The two man studio, Flippfly, needed just $20,000 to secure some of its ambitious feature plans. And while that target wasn't met until the final few hours, it's now full speed ahead for the game.