Surgeon Simulator 2013 is QWOP meets Operation

Phil Savage at

Given the popularity for weird (and wonky) sims covering a plethora of professions, I'd be amazed if something like Surgeon Simulator 2013 didn't already exist in some dark corner of Eastern Europe. For the rest of us, this will do nicely. It's a hilarious entry for the Global Game Jam 2013 (theme: beating heart) in which you perform a heart transplant using a control and physics systems that are completely unsuitable for the delicate nature of the task. Basically, it's QWOP meets Operation. QWOPeration!

50 games to play at work

PC Gamer at

Playing games at work shouldn’t just been seen as idling. You are exercising your mind, taking it to a mental gym. So we've compiled a list of 50 games you can play at work.