Darkness 2 demo dated

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A trial for The Darkness 2 is heading to Steam on January 24 after a week of Xbox Live exclusivity, according to a post on The Darkness 2 site. Hopefully it'll give us a generous chunk of time with Jackie and his demonic arm tentacles. In the first game they could throw cars about, or detach to become slithery spies capable of tearing enemies' hearts from the shadows. It looks as though The Darkness 2 will be at least as gruesome as the original, but will wielding Jackie's Darkness powers be quite as satisfying?

We'll all get to find out in a couple of weeks. Hooray for demos! If you're already certain you'll like it, you can pre-order The Darkness 2 to get 10% off.

The Darkness 2 announced for Autumn

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The Darkness was a first person shooter from Starbreeze, developers of the excellent Chronicles of Riddick. You played a possessed mobster called Jackie on a quest for revenge, aided by a pair of demonic tentacles. These toothy chaps could be detached and used as scouts, or used to flip cars and eat the hearts out of enemies. The darkest thing about the Darkness was that it was only released on consoles. Thankfully, a sequel has been announced, and it will be coming to PC.