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Portal 2: Aperture Tag mod adds level editor and Steam Workshop support

Emanuel Maiberg at

Aperture Tag is a Portal 2 mod inspired by Tag: The Power of Paint, the 2009 DigiPen student project which influenced Portal 2's gel mechanics and puzzles. Instead of shooting portals, you shoot the game’s orange and blue liquids, which make you run faster and jump higher, respectively. And now you'll be able to add your own mods to the mix.

Portal 2 mod swaps portals with paint in 26 new maps

Omri Petitte at

When billionaire bro Cave Johnson turned his vision away from the exciting world of shower curtains to tossing money at a bunch of science stuff, what if paint guns instead of portals were the result? That's the setting for Aperture Tag: The Paint Gun Testing Initiative, a fledgling Portal 2 mod boasting 26 new puzzle floors designed for no portals whatsoever. Instead, we'll sail through that exit door by laying down carpets and dollops of the much-adored red and blue paint for speedy acceleration and longer airtime.

Teslagrad launch trailer charging up for puzzle platformer's Friday release

Phil Savage at

For all of Nikolai Tesla's real-world achievements, we seem to have mythologised him into a lightning wizard. If he were to see the world today, he might question whether we'd properly engaged with the import of his work. To which Steampunk fans could rightfully say, "shut up, oh great electromage, and check out my cool pipe-powered copper shock gloves." Teslagrad, in case you were wondering, lies firmly on the fantastical side of the man's legacy.

Escape Goat 2 busts back into prison this September

Tom Sykes at

MagicalTimeBean's sequel to their demonic puzzle platformer was announced way back in January, but the wait is finally (nearly) over. As the website bleats, Escape Goat 2 will be out September 10th, and like all good goat-based games it will be DRM-free. Since we last looked, some new details and a trailer have come to light - you'll find them beneath the devious puzzle I like to call 'the break'.

Fez review

Craig Owens at

Being download-only, it’s a pity that Fez can’t somehow come packed with its most essential peripherals: a notepad and pen. Beneath this indie platformer’s cutesy-yet-stylish pixel art candied coating is a tantalisingly, fascinatingly arcane game – packed with codes and ciphers and secrets.

It was barely an hour before I started jotting down notes and reminders. It was considerably longer, in some cases, before I knew precisely what for. I took screenshots, too, but that’s too easy – ink soaking into vellum was needed here, to thoroughly imprint Fez’s alien languages and mysterious iconography into my brain.

A Tale of Two Worlds: a smart puzzle-platformer channelling The Longest Journey and Trine

Tom Sykes at

In this clever student game project from Ahmed Majdoubi and co, you're trapped between the twin worlds of magic and technology - and as everyone knows, those two don't exactly get along. While A Tale of Two Worlds' premise reminds of The Longest Journey, the platforming is pure Trine, all jaunty fairytale music and cube-manhandling. The neat twist is that its two worlds are represented on the screen at the same time; you can even drag the border around with the mouse. AToTW's currently in development, but there's a browser-based alpha version you can play right now. And you should.

Teslagrad: an electro-magnetic puzzle platformer, now on Steam Greenlight

Phil Savage at

Were teleporting blink powers, giant magnetised platforms and "Teslamancer" technology part of Nikola Tesla's end game as he was inventing the infamous coils? We can only assume so, based on the lack of contrary evidence, the actions of David Bowie in The Prestige, and now this: Teslagrad, an electrically charged puzzle-platformer that's now on Steam Greenlight.

A gorgeous trailer was posted back in March. Fortunately, through the raw power of electricity, we can view it from here in the future.

Escape Goat 2 announced: new puzzles, a new art style, same goat (presumably)

Tom Sykes at

Devilishly entertaining puzzle-platformer Escape Goat is going to receive a sequel, as revealed to those fine folks over on Indie Statik. While the fundamentals - solve single-screen puzzle rooms as a platforming goat and its adorable mouse sidekick - will largely remain the same, the graphics are getting a complete overhaul, thanks to artist Randy O'Connor (who worked on Waking Mars).

Vitrum combines first-person puzzling with colorful, controlling crystals

Omri Petitte at

It's not often you spot a softly glowing sign warning of gravity-changing crystals in puzzle-platformers, but Vitrum fills that niche nicely. On the e-shelf today from developer 9head Games, the indie puzzle-platformer shuffles up the house that Portal built with an array of power-granting crystals, a suitably bloom-ified tech motif, and a throbbing ambient electronica soundtrack worthy of space hibernation.

BEEP review

Rachel Weber at

Think of Beep as a quantum physicist wearing tie-dye trousers: it’s clever with the physics, but not so easy on the eyes.