BRAIN THEATRE EP: a gamejam bundle designed to entertain your grey matter

Phil Savage at

Indie collective Braingale has compiled a seven track "EP" of rapidly developed free games. Called BRAIN THEATRE, the aim is to provide tiny synaptic bursts of electronic entertainment. It's a handful of ideas, each whipped up in anywhere between 12 hours and a month, focusing on the weird, experimental, or the instantly gratifying.

PUNKSNOTDEAD: free low-fi brawler that doubles as a rude wake-up call

Phil Savage at

I don't like mornings. Being even semi-conscious through them requires a finely balanced system of alarm clocks, snooze buttons and caffeine. Now, thanks to free indie game PUNKSNOTDEAD, I've a new wake-up call to add to the list. It's loud, brash, obscene and very pink. It's a game about punching things that is, appropriately enough, like a punch in the face for your senses.