World of Warcraft Protip: Killing critters for fun and achievements

PC Gamer at

In this Protip, Josh explains how to snag three WoW achievements with the help of furry little nature friends. How you proceed just depends on how thirsty you are for the blood of the, how many critters do you want to kill?

StarCraft II Protip: Baneling Bust

Tyler Wilde at

Are your Zerg rushes constantly being hampered by filthy buildings? Stupid industrious capitalist jerks—always getting in the way with their "progress." Stick it to Ayn Rand with this Protip, in which Josh teaches us how to clear a path with a StarCraft II tactic that's as explosive as it is gooey: the Baneling Bust. Watch the introduction above, and see the strategy play out versus both Protoss and Terran bases in the following videos.

How to install custom League of Legends skins

Josh Augustine at

Too fashion-forward to allow your League of Legends champions to get caught wearing the same 'ol attire day after day? Start the new year with a fresh look! In this Protip, Josh demonstrates how to find and install custom League of Legends skins to make your champions the best-dressed little warriors on the block. Check out the introduction above, and watch Josh's complete instructions in the consecutive videos, as well as a rundown of the PC Gamer US office favorites...