Project Fiona

Razer's Project Fiona is now the Razer Edge gaming tablet

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Razer were busy teasing this device as Project Fiona a year ago. It re-emerged from the obscurity of Razer's R&D shroud this week at CES this week with a new name and some new moves. The ungainly handlebar controllers that we saw a year ago are detachable, the base unit can slot into a keyboard to turn it into a more conventional desktop unit, or you can carry it around and use it as you would any touchscreen tablet.

It's also quite powerful. An Intel Core i7 chip, 8GB of DDR3 RAM, a solid state HDD and an NVIDIA GT 640M LE GPU should push decent framerates to the 10.1" 1366x768 screen. The downside? You'll need $1,299.99 to buy one. Razer are giving potential customers a chance to register interest on the Razer Edge site now alongside a video showing off the Edge in its various guises. Watch that and grab the full specs below.

Razer's Project Fiona is a tablet

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Remember Razer teased us with its Project Fiona hardware last week? After literally days of waiting it's drawn back the curtain to reveal that Fiona is... a tablet.

Bet you didn't see that coming, did you? Or did you...?

Razer to reveal "Project Fiona" at CES 2012 next week

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It's not simple, delightful, or even magical, but it is called Fiona, and Razer say that it will bring an "all new form factor" to PC gaming. The mystery product will be revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012, which starts next Tuesday.

There's speculation that Project Fiona could be Razer Switchblade thingy, which was shown as a concept design at CES 2011. The keys on the Switchblade are supposed to act as windows to a second screen beneath, allowing the layout to change depending on the game you're playing. It also has a touch screen interface, and is teeny. Let this very serious man tell you all about it.