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From force feedback wheels to international racing circuits: a video game driver goes pro

Ian Birnbaum at

When we play games, we step inside the skins of our favorite characters. More often than not, this also means stepping into a job that we either don’t or can’t have and getting to spend time fighting wars, piloting ships or commanding armies.

Haven’t we all wished, even a little bit, that we might be recognized for our gaming prowess and recruited, Last Starfighter–style, into the real world portrayed by our games?

Starcraft II training ground opens in South Korea: "Drapes so nerds don't get hurt by the sun"

Owen Hill at

GOM TV have set up a house that's designed to help foreign players train up and eventually qualify for their Professional Starcraft League. Click through for Artosis' guided tour of the Seoul residence and an interview with "John The Translator." He seems like a nice guy.

Intel Extreme European Championship to test best StarCraft 2, Counterstrike 1.6 and Quake players

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The European leg of the Intel Extreme World Championships is set to kick off tomorrow in Kiev. Three tournaments will pit the best Starcraft 2, Counterstrike 1.6 and Quake players against each other. The winners will gain a place in the Intel Masters V World Championship in Hanover in March, as well as a mighty wad of cash. Read on for details.

Tips from a StarCraft II pro - Taylor “Painuser” Parsons

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Myth: StarCraft 2 isn’t a merely a pile of entertainment, but the world’s most reliable system through which alien bullies steal your lunch money. Truth: StarCraft 2 is one of the most nuanced games on the PC today, and enjoying multiplayer can rely on knowledge that doesn’t come intuitively.

At the completion of StarCraft Week here at PC Gamer, we want to leave you with some practical pro tips to improve your game. For that purpose, we summoned Taylor “Painuser” Parsons, one of the top Terran players in North America. Above that, he’s only been playing StarCraft since 2006--and he was a first-person shooter player before he took up the RTS. My favorite insight from our chat: "Learn to revel in losing."