UK government funds road safety MMO

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The UK government has spent £2.8 million developing a browser based MMO designed to teach young players road safety.

The game is called the Code of Everand, and it was commissioned by the UK Department of Transport. It's a free-to-play MMO designed to teach young players the basic tenants of road safety. Our own Ed Fenning gave it a quick spin earlier today. He says "I don't think I learned much about road safety. Only to look both ways and then place a deadly trap to kill monsters before crossing."

Channel 4 to close digital investment arm

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Channel 4, one of the UK's publicly funded TV broadcasters, is shutting down its digital investment division, 4iP.

New Chief executive David Abraham has decided to scrap the investment division, which had an initial budget of £20 million. 4iP reportedly has around £6 million remaining in it's investment fund, and, before it sinks into the molten lava that courses beneath all UK office blocks, has pledged to spend that on "digital format innovation." Turning TV shows into games, then.

Channel 4's Education division, responsible for games like Privates and The Curfew, is not affected by the change.

[via Develop]

Correction: This story originally indicated that 4ip was responsible for partly funding Channel 4's educational games initiative. This was incorrect, and the story has been changed to reflect that.