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Prison Architect update brings mod support and further performance boosts

Phil Savage at

A scenario: somebody builds the biggest prison imaginable, fills it full of the most hardened criminals, then, through careful management, has it turning a regular profit. Are they proud of their achievement? No. All they really wanted was to run a jail full of clowns. By default, Prison Architect doesn't contain clowns, which I think we can all agree is a shame. Luckily for our fictional warden, this latest update for the prison management sim codifies mod support, making it easier for them - or other clown hating players - to reskin the game's prisoners.

Prison Architect bangs up 100,000 players, no word on the number of shankings

Tom Sykes at

Despite still being in alpha, Introversion's Prison Architect has managed to shave, de-louse and lock up over 100,000 players, raising (according to the website) a not-too-shabby $3,256,895 for its creators. It seems crime does pay after all - just not for the criminals.

Prison Architect alpha makes $360k in a month, total "way beyond our expectations" say devs

Tom Senior at

Introversion have posted a breakdown of the first month of sales for the Prison Architect alpha released in September, and it's done very well indeed. As this wiggly money graph explains, 10,172 purchasers contributed towards a haul of $361,780 amassed in four weeks.