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This article was originally published in PC Gamer UK 226.

My daughter was delivered to me by a deity when she was 10 years old. I named her Mount-Everest Acebomb and sent her to work in a restaurant.

Think football management is hard? Trying manipulating the statistics of a teenaged girl in a fantasy medieval world. Princess Maker 2 has you controlling every aspect of your daughter’s life with creepy focus. You set her schedule, choose with whom she socialises, arrange her diet, buy her clothes and have only brief father-daughter chats. "I wonder what my mother was like?" she asks. I say nothing.

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Every weekend begins with a dream: to sit at home, in front of our PCs, and play games until we fall asleep. The problem? There are too many games to choose from. As a result, we spend most of Friday thinking about what we're going to play and planning in advance. Maybe you have this problem too, maybe you're looking for suggestions for what you could try, and maybe you have suggestions for us. Read on for the PC Gamer team's ideas for what to play this weekend.