Hypersexed Hypertext: Porpentine and the Twine text game revolution

Cara Ellison at

Porpentine is a game designer, writer, and curator for freeindiegam.es. She primarily makes Twine games, which are choose your own adventure style games that are accessible, short, and welcoming. You can play them in a browser on your lunchbreak with some headphones on.

But in my mind Porpentine looks like a hot cyberpunk cyborg, eyes aglow, a textual goddess alight with burning fluorescent punctuation. She does not walk anywhere: she glides, riffing in smeared lipstick, sly grin, sylph-like limbs; those she touches have typography bleed up their arms and flash into their bursting hearts. I am Molly from Neuromancer interfacing with her as I listen to percussive pop beats, type questions to her in IM. Gchat is now an early 90s cyberconduit to the Porpentine mainframe. She’s a queer tranarchafeminist, a cyberqueen, a Twine weaver, and so many other things besides. Her tendrils stroke the internet, provoking.

GDC 2013: Terry Cavanagh and Porpentine reveal their top free indie games of the last year

Phil Savage at

Last night, Terry Cavanagh and Porpentine of free indie gaming site freeindiegam.es - and developers of Super Hexagon and Cyberqueen respectively - hosted a GDC 2013 lecture on "Curating the DIY revolution". As well as discussing the rapid proliferation of the free indie scene, and how journalists have often been lax in their coverage of it, they offered their own picks for their favourite free games for the last year and a bit.