Polycount Pack

Dota 2 item design contest announced by Valve and Polycount

Marsh Davies at

Budding 3D modellers will get to sell their custom Hero item sets in the Dota 2 store should they win the newly announced Dota 2 Polycount contest. Given that the last contest for the TF2 Polycount Pack reportedly provided its winners with six figure salaries this is not a prize to be sniffed at.

Team Fortress 2 Polycount Pack review

Jaz McDougall at

Scouts are throwing bottles of milk at people. Snipers are dressed up like crocodiles, but they’re firing pee-filled darts instead of bullets. Spies are stabbing you with a knife that hides your body and steals your identity. Pyros are bludgeoning people with a car battery on a stick. Team Fortress 2 has, once again, gone utterly insane.

The Polycount Pack is 17 community-created items that Valve have introduced into Team Fortress 2, our favourite online shooter. To get them, you can wait for the items to drop, or you can buy them. You can buy individual weapons for anywhere between 60p and £3, and hats cost as much as £12. The Polycount bundle costs £30, and that’s a lot of money. You don’t have to buy it; you could just wait, or beg for items on friendly servers in your sexiest voice, but it’s definitely easier to just shell out the cash.