League of Legends player mouths off, gets arrested for making a "terroristic threat"

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As gamers, we're all familiar with the trash-talk one-upping that comes with playing online. But at what point will your macho language get you arrested? It may be a lot easier thank you think to annoy authorities, if the case of gamer Justin Carter is anything to go by. His lawyers have spoken out following his release on bail, believing that Carter's baffling accusation of making a "terroristic threat" may have been impeded by the poor public perception of gamers.

Hope and CHARGE! The US Election in gaming

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As you may have overheard, the US Presidential Election is over, Barack Obama is settling in for his second term of office, and whatever your politics, I think we can all agree that nothing that makes Donald Trump blow this much of a gasket can be a bad thing. But this isn't Politics Weekly, it's (double-checks) PC Gamer. Time to check in on a couple of older stories, and their aftermath...

UK MP Keith Vaz files motion on "violent video games"

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Our superfriends over at Edge have picked up on UK MP Keith Vaz's early-day motion calling for "closer scrutiny of aggressive first-person shooter video games." Vaz’s chief target this time isn’t the content of the games themselves, but European classification body PEGI, who Vaz believes should be doing more to “restrict ultra-violent content”.

In the motion Vaz cites the testimony of Anders Behring Breivik, the man currently on trial for the murders of 76 people in Norway last year. In his testimony, Breivik said he honed his “target acquisition” skills through playing the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The motion says it's "disturbed" by Breivik's statement.

Seize power with TERA's intriguing political system

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Do you fancy yourself a born leader? What if you could prove it, without the fake photo smiles, baby-kissing, or mud-slinging of real world politics? With TERA's upcoming political system, you can set out on a campaign for control from the comfort of your butt-contoured chair. In this exclusive video, hear from TERA producer Chris Hager as he explains the ins-and-outs of taking office in an MMO. Whether you attain leadership through brute force or popularity, you'll have a heck of a time working to please the people and get the server population on your side. But hey—isn't that what politics are all about?

Three crazy ways politics are taking over MMOs

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If you feel like you’re not getting enough politics from your everyday life, never fear—several virtual worlds out there offer plenty of opportunity for you to practice your campaigning and scheming. Here’s a closer look at political systems for three of them.