Pole Riders

Sportsfriends: four developers team up to make the ultimate party game collection

Tom Sykes at

And now for a Kickstarter that isn't about space, or bringing back the Old Ways - in fact, this is probably one of the most innovative projects on the site. Sportsfriends is a collection of clever party games, four of them to be exact, including Johann Sebastian Joust, which doesn't even rely on a visual display. The four games' four developers are asking for a modest - well, by space sim standards - $150,000, around a quarter of which they've already achieved.

This week's best free PC games

Lewis Denby at

It is a puzzling day when such an impressive, interesting, expansive and customisable game is released free of charge. That's why everybody needs to play Metal Gear / Super Meat Boy hybrid-em-up Stealth Bastard immediately. And in a week of lovely free games, there's also a vampire-centric adventure, a pole-vaulting multiplayer game, and a puzzler in which one of your characters appears to be a staff member on PC Gamer UK. Put Skyrim down for a minute and read on for this week's picks...