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Second Life developer acquires indie distribution site Desura

Katie Williams at

Second Life's big on encouraging players to get creative with the making of stuff. I mean, you totally remember the first time you first entered the grid and randomly got handed a new (and possibly not safe-for-work) body part by some stranger, right? Well, developer Linden Lab has now gone and acquired indie digital distribution site Desura. It may seem like an odd pairing, but when you consider how mod-friendly Desura is, it kind of makes sense that Linden Lab would get behind that buzzing beehive of player-created content.

Bethesda to release Skyrim modding tools and patch 1.4 fixes as early as next week

Gavin Townsley at

The updates and improvements to Bethesda's already amazing Skyrim just keep coming. The latest additions: The Creation Kit and Steam Workshop (to be bundled in patch 1.4), and they're almost ready to be unleashed, amidst a plethora of other game-related fixes. More details within!