Cloudbuilt review

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Cloudbuilt succeeds where Sonic The Hedgehog has failed for almost two decades. It’s a 3D platformer that challenges you to speed through levels, jumping, wall-running, and shooting enemies along the way. It’s a little ugly, but its short, devious levels are so much fun to beat, I fear for my wrists.

Cellar Door could start working on Rogue Legacy sequel in the next two years

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Cellar Door, the developer behind the excellent Rogue Legacy, has already started working on its next project. The team's not ready to say anything concrete about it yet, but it's notoriously against working within the same genre twice. Does that mean we won't see a Rogue Legacy 2? A recent interview indicates that the game's creators might just make an exception.

BattleBlock Theater coming to PC, as revealed through an exaggeration-filled trailer

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The new BattleBlock Theater trailer makes use of a novel and eye-catching innovation: lies. Through these tall-tales, we learn how The Behemoth's action platformer supports a 1,000,000,000p resolution and has won every award for everything ever. Of all the "information" contained in the two minutes of outlandish claims, there is one piece that is verified fact. The game is coming to Steam.

Spelunky update brings level timers, new HUD to the deadly caverns

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Spelunky, that addictive roguelike that stole our hearts to win our Game of the Year last year, is getting a bit of a facelift. A new update will include an option to enable a smaller, more streamlined user interface, as well as various tweaks and bug fixes. The update is available as of today for download on Steam.

Rain World trailer shows the further adventures of an invertebrate cat thing

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While it's not quite the winner of the award for prettiest gifs on a Kickstarter page (that's Hyper Light Drifter), Rain World is undoubtedly one of the more striking 2D platformers that you'll see. That distinctive visual style has so far been rewarded with $44,782 in pledges, a significant increase on the original $25,000 goal. With eight days to go and a stretch goal to achieve, its creators have released a new video showing their slugcat in action.

Starbound devs detail huge future additions to progression, PVP, and missions

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For a game still fresh into a beta launch, Starbound already rivals AAA releases with all the stuff you can do in it. It has aliens you can befriend or blow up. It has a grappling hook. It sold over a million copies in just a month. Developer Chucklefish is keeping its starry success going with frequent updates and content additions, but in a post today on the official website, creator Finn "Tiy" Brice outlines Chucklefish's broader plans to transition Starbound into a full release with more diverse progression pathways and an endgame focused on PVP and group activities.

La-Mulana 2 lands on Kickstarter

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It's no secret that 2D platformers often turn to the past for inspiration. A followup to the famously difficult original, La-Mulana 2 is looking to embrace its own history as well as the "Metroidvania" tag as it hunts down support through a recently announced Kickstarter project. That the first game is sometimes called a 2D Dark Souls should also give us a clue about what to expect from the sequel.

Indie platformer Rain World turns to Kickstarter for additional funding

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After three years of development, indie platformer Rain World hit Kickstarter this week, seeking additional funding to finalize the game. Set in a 16-bit industrial hellscape, you play as an unnamed slugcat, trying to hibernate your way through life. When you get hungry, you’re forced to get out, stalk, and pounce on things to eat while other, larger animals try to do the same to you.

Rogue Legacy update will bring a new class, harder bosses and more traits

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As if harder bosses were a thing that Rogue Legacy needed. That's the problem with roguelikes: they turn us all into masochists. Someone should chart the number of people who, having experienced the roguelike boom of the last couple of years, now spend their weekends in seedy industrial clubs getting spanked for pleasure. Alternatively, read on to learn of the less literal spanking the 2D dungeon-crawling roguelike will be administering in the next few days.

Apotheon trailer reminds us that Apotheon exists, still looks great

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Apotheon is the game that looks a bit like a Grecian urn - yes it is a bit weird comparing games to pottery - and now a new trailer has been released to remind us that it totally still exists. More than that, it's still one of the most striking indie games on the horizon, and one that looks faintly stunning in motion too. We don't learn a lot from the following trailer, but we do see a bunch of new, neatly colour-themed environments and lots of very 2D, physics-based combat. The open world action platformer (with multiplayer modes) is still on track for an early 2014 release.

Muri: a DOS-style platformer inspired by Duke Nukem and Commander Keen

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Things were so much easier in the days of DOS. Actually, no, they were quite a bit more fiddly, but there is something pure and exciting about giving your computer typed commands, rather than wrestling with a Bill Gates-approved interface. Muri - "a simple DOS-like platform shooter inspired by Duke Nukem and Commander Keen" - takes us back to those halycon days. There's no XP system, no Twitter integration, no micro-transactions. In their place: a Samus-esque main character who looks a bit like a rabbit, an "optional turbo mode", and music that will be stuck in my head all day. Catch the lovely announcement trailer after the break.

Lego: The Hobbit announced, will take you there but not back again

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Oh phew. After the news drought of the last few days, I'd assumed an evil wizard had cursed digital entertainment, ensuring no new game releases would ever be made. Thankfully, the spell has been broken by the aptly prolific Traveller's Tales and their unstoppable Lego series. Lego: The Hobbit is to be the latest in their catalogue of blocky retellings of all things cinematic.

Spelunky's first solo eggplant run completed, makes for a tense hour of platforming

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It is done. In a heart-stopping descent, Spelunky caster Bananasaurus Rex completed a world-first solo eggplant run. The eggplant's purpose was one of Spelunky’s best-kept secrets, discovered only once hackers started digging through the HD PC release. But knowing its power and using it are two different things. One slip, one rogue bat, one angry shopkeeper and your precious cargo is purple goo.

Blizzard's 16-bit platformer Blackthorne is now available as free download

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Blizzard have just added a new game to - and it's available to download for free. That's where I'd stop if I was going for a cruel, misleading opening, but luckily for you I have far too much integrity for that. (I also haven't received by weekly bung, of 250 doritopoints, yet.) It's their old (read: classic) platformer Blackthorne! Read on to hear how I totally didn't confuse it with the cider.

SpeedRunners to get pirate-friendly free offline version

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SpeedRunners, as you might have guessed, is a game about running real fast. It's also a game about jumping and grapple-hooking, two methods of traversal that go particularly well with the above. tinyBuild's game hit Steam Early Access a couple of months ago, though it's just been revealed that if you wait until release you can get an (offline-only) version for free. Wuh? Guh? It's a positive response to the inevitability of piracy - you can hear tinyBuild's reasons below.

Indie platformer Aaru's Awakening releases demo, Dusk-focused trailer

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We’ve been keeping a close eye on Aaru’s Awakening, the striking hand-drawn platformer where you play rooster-bear Aaru, the champion of Dawn. It looks slick and very difficult, and seeing this kind of art come out of a small indie studio is a treat. Aaru’s Awakening now has a new trailer for the domain of Dusk and a new playable demo to help them over climb the summit of Steam's Greenlight process.

Terraria offers new treats, no tricks, in Halloween update

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People prepare for the night of ghosts and goblins in different ways. Some go trick-or-treating, while others get so drunk they start believing they are their costume. Only a select few lock themselves away to craft free Halloween updates for their games, and it turns out Terraria’s developers happen belong in the latter group.

TowerFall setting its sights on a January launch for PC

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Indie platformer TowerFall may land on PC as early as January, according to comments made by the game's creator Matt Thorson to Shacknews. Previously exclusive to the Ouya system, TowerFall won the Media Choice Award Sunday at the IndieCade Games Festival and still looks set to include at least some of the new content we first heard about back in August.

Indie platformer Shovel Knight given jaunty new trailer, Winter release window

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Have we mentioned Shovel Knight before now? Sort of but not really, so here's a quick precis: it's an old-fashioned 8-bit-style platformer starring - as the name suggests - a shovel-wielding knight. Back in March/April, Yacht Club Games' spade-happy title raised all the money and then some on Kickstarter, and now the game is nearing its release. 'Winter' is the only clue we have to go on right now, but this fab new trailer should help to ease the pain of uncertainty a bit.

La-Mulana 2 announced, original given 80% price cut to celebrate

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Before indie was Indie there was La-Mulana, a terrifically challenging free platformer inspired by ye MSX games of yore. It was recently updated and put back on PC, Spelunky style - in fact, it's currently 80% off on Steam, if you've waited this long to brave its trap-filled ancient temple for yourself. The idea of a sequel had never even entered my mind, but I'm hardly going to turn my nose up at the recently announced La-Mulana 2. This belated follow-up will star the original hero's daughter, and may be less perplexing than its occasionally obtuse predecessor.